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Fear and Trembling Update: “Father of the Esurient Child”

“Father of the Esurient Child”
by Christopher Schmitz


Some houses are not meant to be entered.

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Novel Updates & Other Stuff


I added a 4,000 word appendix to the back of my novel to help clarify Pankea’s calendar, cosmology, and religious systems. Not one to be happy with a “standard” appendix, I wrote it from the viewpoint of a character within the world, and thus, the “appendix” is also called:

Brief Notes on Pankean Cosmology

By Chancellor Rakeem, Lord of Wizardreach

First Writ in 1013 AD

AD, of course, stands for Arcus Dragonslayer, not Anno Domini.

Now all I have left to do is go through and fix typos and tighten up sentences.

I’ve also sent a query letter to The Writer, hopefully they’ll take me on as a book reviewer. I need the moolah.

Wow. I’m finally ahead of schedule on all my projects once again. Feels liberating.

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