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Hmm…McCain May Not Be Eligible After All

Looks like he hasn’t been playing by the rules. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me.

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Little Things That Let You Know That You’re Known Worldwide

Like stumbling on a review of one of your short stories…and it’s in Spanish:

Here’s the English tanslation:

Wow. That’s just…uber-cool.

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Writerly Update 3/26/08

200 more words down on novel. More feelance work done and awaiting payment. For those who didn’t catch my podcast, there was a big announcement (and no, I’m not telling you what it was, you’ll have to listen to the podcast: mwahahaha! Me so evil).

You can catch it here:

Actually it’s that AWIP link over to the right.

And you can subscribe to the feed (and you can have an e-mail subscription to the A Work in Progress blog as well). A Work in Progress – The Podcast can also be found at 

There may be other big announcements on the way soon as well. So stay tuned. 😉

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Fear and Trembling Update: “A Thing about Spiders”

“A Thing about Spiders”
by Chris Mikesell


Revenge is a dish best served with something other than pork and beans.

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A Work in Progress – Episode 2 – 3/23/2008

A Work in Progress, Episode Two: March 23, 2008 Show notes

Writerly Update: Upcoming publication in Everyday Fiction, freelance work going well, novel update, plus a big announcement.
Writer Tip of the Month: Handling rejections without tearing your hair out.
Rant of the Month: Creationism Vs. Evolutionism – Who Cares?!

Soundbites from: Army of Darkness, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lord of the Rings, and Firefly


Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing

Ray Gun Radio

Snark Infested Waters
Artemis by Aesma Daeva
Swamped by Lacuna Coil
Forsaken by The Divine Madness

Eugie Foster
Carrie Vaughn

Intro theme music mix by Taylor Kent.

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Writerly Update 3/19/08

Received a 27-day acceptance from Everyday Fiction for my flash story, “The Philosopher in the Dark.” 

500 more words down on Book II, Book I polished up and ready to go once I finish the sample chapters and synopses for Book II and Book III. Again, remind me to stop thinking so big.

900 words down and the SEO articles are done. The RPG dude liked my work, so I’ll soon be getting payment.

Wow. Payment.  For freelance work. How long has it been since I got the chance to say that? 🙂

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Writerly Update 3/17/08

I’m on Ray Gun Radio again, as a reader. There’s also a nice promo on there, too. 😉 

Also 800 more words down on Book II. Now to get those SEO articles done.

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Fear and Trembling Update: “The Flying Dutchman”

“The Flying Dutchman”
by Ramona Thompson


The legend of the phantom ship comes to life through the eyes of the doomed men who sail upon it.

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Writerly Update 3/14/08

2 rejections,
1800 words down on the freelance RPG project,
600 words down on second novel,
Roughly 700 words down in my little experiment at HubPages,
And I just recieved five SEO article jobs.

Not bad for one week. 😉

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Michael Ehart’s Servant of the Manthycore

New novel, The Servant of the Manthycore, evokes classic heroic fantasy


In the tradition of the larger-than life fantasy stories of the golden age, comes a new novel of swordplay, sorcery, betrayal and death, The Servant of the Manthycore, by Michael Ehart. Released November 17th, 2007 by Double-Edged Publishing, it includes the five previously published stories in the bronze-age adventure saga, reworked with a wealth of new tales into an episodic novel of rare power and excitement. “I am thrilled by the look and feel of this new book,” says Michael Ehart. “Both the existing fans of the stories and new readers will enjoy what they find.” Ehart has made over a dozen appearances this year with short stories in fantasy, science fiction and horror magazines and anthologies, but The Servant of the Manthycore is his first solo book.

The Servant of the Manthycore takes place over an 800 year period in a fantasy bronze-age Mesopotamia. Seeking treasure, a young couple become enslaved by a mythical beast, the Manthycore. In order to preserve her captive lover’s life, the young woman must lure the Manthycore’s human victims into the desert to be slain. Preserved by the power of the foul beast, centuries pass, and she becomes a nearly undefeatable warrior. Always she seeks for a warrior greater than herself, who can defeat her and so free her lover, and always her skill and ferocity prove her hopes to be vain.

In his foreword legendary fantasy author Michael Moorcock, creator of Elric, says this about The Servant of the Manthycore: “Michael Ehart has given us an outstanding story of the ancient world…  It resonates with the authenticity of genuine myth, bringing a deep, true sense of the past; a conviction which does not borrow from genre but mines our profoundest dreams and memories; the kind which give birth to myths.” And Vera Nazarian, author of Dreams of the Compass Rose and Lords of Rainbow says “From Michael Ehart’s fierce imagination comes an unforgettable gritty heroine, both human and goddess, and yet something much more…. Gilgamesh, Elric, and Conan have finally met their female match!”

The Servant of the Manthycore is enhanced by seven stunning interior illustrations by artist Rachel Marks. “Rachel has captured the essence of both the characters and the times,” says Ehart. “She has that rare ability to capture in pen and ink the visual sense of the words on the page.” Marks also did the cover art.

            Double-Edged Publishing is the publisher of magazines like Dragons, Knights and Angels, Ray Gun Revival, The Sword Review, Fear and Trembling, Teen Age and Haruah, as well as books in the fantasy, science-fiction and inspirational genres. The Servant of the Manthycore joins their fantasy line, and is available for pre-order at  and at

Michael Ehart can be contacted for information or interviews at

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