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Fear and Trembling Update: “Night Light”

“Night Light”
by Gerald Browning, Jr.


Bobby is a little boy who wants to know what evil is. Unfortunately for his mother, he found out.

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Writerly Update 4/26/08

1700 words down on Book II.

Production of the podiobook of Book I coming along nicely. And that call for voice actors brought far better results than I had imagined. Not only have I brought in some talented people, both friends/acquaintances and people I’ve never met, but I discovered that there is such a thing as people who can speak the Vangaardian accent despite my badly flawed attempts to describe it and later mimic it.

Stop laughing! You try to describe and/or mimic an invented accent from an invented language and see how well you do! Especially if you normally sound like a southern hick with a permanent headcold. ;p

BTW: if you’re not subscribed yet to my bi-weekly podcast, A Work in Progress, then go over there –>

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In addition to the torture of my voice, you’ll also be exposed to valuable writing advice, cool music, “way-out-there” political rants, and from time to time something extra special like interviews, reviews, and the Blooper Reel.

And in Episode 6 (which will be out May 4), I have a special interview with a good friend of mine: none other than the Snarky Avenger himself, Taylor Kent! So yeah, the two of us together on one bandwidth. I’ll leave the results to your imagination–until May 4 that is ;).

As a side note, I’ve noticed that nobody’s signed up to be a minion for my evil twin. So now that he’s back in his closet (chained up of course) sniveling like a baby, I think I’ll go ahead and ask:

Who wants to rub salt in that evil little worm’s wounds and become Maniacs instead? Scott’s Maniacs of course. 😉

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Coming Soon: The Big One

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Fear and Trembling Update: “The Sentry”

“The Sentry”
by J.C. Towler


You can shoot holes in legends, but they never die.

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The Philosopher in the Dark, Now at EDF

Yep. My short story, “The Philosopher in the Dark” is now up at Everyday Fiction. So check it out, rate it, and feel free to drop a comment. Don’t be shy. 😉

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Fear and Trembling Update: “Bob-O the Bassett Hound”

“Bob-O the Bassett Hound”
by Brad McLelland


He’s not what you think …

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Lou Dobbs Defends the Second Amendment

Lou Dobbs Defends the Second Amendment

Lou, of course, is being polite about it. Me, I only have one thing to say about the ATF. I still remember Ruby Ridge!

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Writerly Update 4/11/08

4000 words down on freelance work, plus 600 more words on second novel. Yeah, I’m always slow on the beginning of a story. The pace will increase soon enough. Some more production work on The Silverblade Prophecy podiobook. John Prassas of the band, Aesma Daeva, has given me permission to use a couple songs. There may be a couple interviews coming soon, too.

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Jesse Ventura Speaks Out

And oh boy does he speak out!

Governor Jesse Ventura On Hannity & Colmes 4-8-08

Jesse Ventura on The Colbert Report

Jesse Ventura on Larry King

Jesse Ventura on Alex Jones

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All Hail Scott Sigler! The New King of Shameless Plugs!

This has been a long time coming. I delayed it for a year now, knowing that eventually I would have to after learning that Scott Sigler’s book, Ancestor, had hit #1 on the bestseller list. I had the pleasue of interviewing him on my SpecMusicMuse blog about a month before that infamous April 1st event when I finally realized that my precious kingship was under threat.

I’ll admit, secretly my evil twin had hoped he would remain the “other Scott,” but even my Phenomenal Cosmic Ego eventually became humble enough to admit that, perhaps, it was I who was the “other Scott” after all. And now that the Sigster’s awesome novel, Infected, which debuted this April 1st, has proven him to be a success rather than the fluke of nature he so rightfull–ahem!–some may have claimed.

Hold on a sec while I send my evil twin back into the closet he lives in….

Okay, sorry for the delay, had to put his chains back on and set the guard dog. Where was I?

Oh yeah. I wish to give a big congratulations to Scott Sigler for his well-deserved success, and to pass my crown to him. Therefore:

“All Hail Scott Sigler! The King of Shameless Plugs!”

I shall henceforth be known as the Former King of Shameless Plugs until such time I manage to regain my crown.

Considering that Infected got published by Crown Publishing, it’s kinda prophetic that he would eventually get a crown (an imaginary crown, not a real one, so don’t be expecting a shiny gold, bejeweled band to arrive in the mail or something).

Signed this April 7 of 2008,
Your former Majesty,
Scott M. Sandridge

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