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Fear and Trembling Update: “Night Light”

“Night Light”
by Gerald Browning, Jr.


Bobby is a little boy who wants to know what evil is. Unfortunately for his mother, he found out.

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Writerly Update 4/26/08

1700 words down on Book II.

Production of the podiobook of Book I coming along nicely. And that call for voice actors brought far better results than I had imagined. Not only have I brought in some talented people, both friends/acquaintances and people I’ve never met, but I discovered that there is such a thing as people who can speak the Vangaardian accent despite my badly flawed attempts to describe it and later mimic it.

Stop laughing! You try to describe and/or mimic an invented accent from an invented language and see how well you do! Especially if you normally sound like a southern hick with a permanent headcold. ;p

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In addition to the torture of my voice, you’ll also be exposed to valuable writing advice, cool music, “way-out-there” political rants, and from time to time something extra special like interviews, reviews, and the Blooper Reel.

And in Episode 6 (which will be out May 4), I have a special interview with a good friend of mine: none other than the Snarky Avenger himself, Taylor Kent! So yeah, the two of us together on one bandwidth. I’ll leave the results to your imagination–until May 4 that is ;).

As a side note, I’ve noticed that nobody’s signed up to be a minion for my evil twin. So now that he’s back in his closet (chained up of course) sniveling like a baby, I think I’ll go ahead and ask:

Who wants to rub salt in that evil little worm’s wounds and become Maniacs instead? Scott’s Maniacs of course. 😉

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Coming Soon: The Big One

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Fear and Trembling Update: “The Sentry”

“The Sentry”
by J.C. Towler


You can shoot holes in legends, but they never die.

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A Work in Progress, Episode 4

A Work in Progress, Episode Four: April 20, 2008 Show Notes

Writerly Update: New dayjob, freelance work coming along (but may have to cut back), SpecMusicMuse’s final year, John Prassas of Aesma Daeve gives me permission to use a couple songs for the podiobook

ROF June 2008 review at The Fix.

Writer Tip: Dealing with Writers Block

Rant Box: The Constitution is more than just a “good idea.” It’s the freakin’ law of the land!

Soundbites from: Army of Darkness, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lord of the Rings, Southpark, and Firefly


The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy

Snark Infested Waters

Infected by Scott Sigler

Tisza’s Childe – Aesma Daeva
Redemption – The Divine Madness
Aborted – The Chondrin Enigma

Intro theme music mix by Taylor Kent.

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Casting Call for Silverblade Prophecy Podiobook

Casting Call for The Silverblade Prophecy Podiobook

I need some talented volunteers to play some characters for my upcoming podiobook, The Silverblade Prophecy. It’s non-paying, but credit will be given, and I can also offer an interview on my podcast show, A Work in Progress. I’ll need voices for the following major characters:

Yavar Thain: a Vangaardian assassin cursed to never feel emotions except through the hearts of others (literally, she has to remove someone’s heart and have it in contact with her just to feel anything). She also has a bad habit of getting her brother into trouble that only she can get him out of. Her quest to break her curse drives parts of the storyline.

Sample lines: “What are you doing here, Varash?”
“You’ll what? Get your fool self killed trying to attack me?”

Martin Thain: Yavar’s twin brother. He operates as Yavar’s conscience…when she isn’t getting him into trouble. He’s also a thief and caravan raider (among other things), which goes to prove that even a self-proclaimed “conscience” isn’t always perfect.

Sample lines: “The wages of sin. It’s good to know that if every other business goes under, we’ll still make a profit with the brothels.”
“You should hire better guards. All these would be dead if I hadn’t decided to come willingly.”

Note: for those interested in auditioning for Yavar and Martin, (and also Varash, Vrang, Argazihm, and Thressa), email me before doing the lines so I can send a sample of the Vangaardian accent.

I will also need voices for many minor characters. Those who audition for the major characters but don’t quite make it may be picked for one of the minor characters. Below are some of the more prominent minor characters if you wish to choose to audition for a minor role instead of a major one. Also, I may point out a character and send a character sketch and sample line to you if I think you’ll be perfect for a specific character. Plus, some minor characters in this podiobook may have a bigger role in the second or third one.

Minor characters (these are only a few):

High Priest Varash: The head priest of the cult of Okareon and one of Emperor Argazihm’s advisors. Aristocratic and cunning to a fault.

Sample lines: “I’ve always thought of the two of you as the children I never had.”
“My motive is the same as it has always been: I want him dead.”

Warlord Vrang: Yavar’s husband and mentor. Also the one who curses her on his death. Ambitious and ruthless, what he wants he gets no matter who perishes in the process.

Sample lines: “The weak perish so that the strong survive. It is the Vangaardian way.”
“Slay him, my love, and I promise you–your brother will be freed.”

Thressa: A Vangaardian of the Servant’s Caste in service to Warlord Vrang. She also acts as a spy for High Priest Varash.

Sample line: (about to die) “I have heard that the light is always brightest in the dark.”

Emperor Argazihm (minor for this book, will be a major character in the second): also titled The Dragon of Vangaard. A sorcerer and warlord over 500 years old, legends claim that he is the son of the god, Okareon.

Sample line: “I have honored your request. Is it not just to ask the same in return?”

Note: for those interested in auditioning for Yavar and Martin, (and also Varash, Vrang, Argazihm, and Thressa), email me before doing the lines so I can send a sample of the Vangaardian accent.

Justin, Priest of Soreace: A priest of the sun god. Virtuous and caring, but don’t make him angry.

Sample line: “Barbarous! Most barbarous!”
“And if I refuse?”

Bryant: A little orphan boy

Sample line: “My dad died in the war. Mother…she….”

Audition deadline: May 17, 2008
Attach samples in .wav or .mp3 (example file name: real name_character name.mp3) to:

Thank you for your time, and here’s to a fun project that everyone will enjoy!

Scott M. Sandridge

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The Philosopher in the Dark, Now at EDF

Yep. My short story, “The Philosopher in the Dark” is now up at Everyday Fiction. So check it out, rate it, and feel free to drop a comment. Don’t be shy. 😉

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Writerly Update 4/15/08 + Podiobook

800 words down on second novel, the first podiobook promo teaser is complete (unless I find someone other than me to be the voice for Calahan, in which case, I’ll be redoing the teaser), and my review of the June 2008 issue of Realms of Fantasy is now up at The Fix.

Also, I just received permission today from The Divine Madness to use two of their songs for the podiobook and some promos. So that makes two really cool bands now. 🙂

Can you say Cloud Nine?

Only two days left until “Philosopher in the Dark” appears at Everyday Fiction, so don’t forget to head over there on the 17th, read my story, drop comments at the site, and rate it–preferably 5 stars ;). Let’s show EDF why I’m the Former King of Shameless Plugs by introducing them to the coolest, hippest, and most intelligent fans on the planet…or any planet for that matter.

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Fear and Trembling Update: “Bob-O the Bassett Hound”

“Bob-O the Bassett Hound”
by Brad McLelland


He’s not what you think …

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Lou Dobbs Defends the Second Amendment

Lou Dobbs Defends the Second Amendment

Lou, of course, is being polite about it. Me, I only have one thing to say about the ATF. I still remember Ruby Ridge!

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