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A Message From Bill Snodgrass

Bill Snodgrass was the first editor to publish one of my short stories. If it weren’t for him, it’s likely most of you would not even know me today. He had the following message on his blog that I felt was vital to spread around:



Double-Edged Publishing needs help.

In 2005, my friend and business partner (Cameron Walker) and I started Double-Edged Publishing with the idea that there wasn’t enough decent, Christ-respecting fiction and poetry available. Especially in genre fiction (fantasy, romance, science fiction, horror, etc.), the offerings available reflect the steady moral decline evidenced in the post-modern society of the twenty-first century.

We started DEP as a way to turn that around dedicated to publishing works that would at least be non-offensive to Christian readers, that would attract secular readers, and that would sometimes overtly point all readers to the truths of God and God’s plans for humanity. For the most part, we have been successfully.

(To be sure, some people have criticized us. Some are quick to condemn any mention of the future, or things not mentioned in the Bible like dragons. But, then, what about kangaroos? Never mind. Different issue.)

Writers abound who long for a publishing company that will not only allow, but encourage them to include the Christian world view in what they write. DEP is such a company.
But we need help.

If we are going to be a viable book producer, we need to be able to sell books. If the books we print fail to sell at respectable levels, we might as well stick to the online magazines and let the secular book publishers be the only ones deciding what goes into print.

If we don’t sell books, we’ll be back to depending on donations to fund the magazines, or we’ll have to stop paying the authors. Again, Christian readers and writers alike have applauded DEP’s commitment to quality works in our five on-line magazines. We have relied on donations to fund DEP since 2005, but our goals for 2008 were drastically under funded, and had I not enlisted one particular benefactor at the last minute, we’d have had to stop paying authors months ago.

So will you help?

I’m NOT ASKING for donations (though feel free…). I’d like to invite you to have a look at our books and to buy some. Not only will this help fund DEP, it will put in your hands books that you can enjoy and share—that you can use to perhaps show God’s grace to others around you. Your buying books will support our small independent press and send a message to future authors that DEP is a viable publisher. Every book sold pays a royalty to the authors, too. Not a lot—unless everyone reading this were to buy a dozen copies of the same book.

Your support makes the future of DEP viable. Please visit our DEP bookstore for more information:



So show your support to Double-Edged Publishing and go buy some awesome books!

Preferably a little anthology titled Distant Passages, Volume 1 (hint, hint) 😉

What? Did you think I wasn’t going to toss in a shameless plug for myself? Don’t you know me at all? 😉

But hey, there’s some great books there by some very cool writers, so even if you don’t get DPV1, your support will still be appreciated.



April 6, 2008 - Posted by | Fear and Trembling, Writerly Updates

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