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All Hail Scott Sigler! The New King of Shameless Plugs!

This has been a long time coming. I delayed it for a year now, knowing that eventually I would have to after learning that Scott Sigler’s book, Ancestor, had hit #1 on the bestseller list. I had the pleasue of interviewing him on my SpecMusicMuse blog about a month before that infamous April 1st event when I finally realized that my precious kingship was under threat.

I’ll admit, secretly my evil twin had hoped he would remain the “other Scott,” but even my Phenomenal Cosmic Ego eventually became humble enough to admit that, perhaps, it was I who was the “other Scott” after all. And now that the Sigster’s awesome novel, Infected, which debuted this April 1st, has proven him to be a success rather than the fluke of nature he so rightfull–ahem!–some may have claimed.

Hold on a sec while I send my evil twin back into the closet he lives in….

Okay, sorry for the delay, had to put his chains back on and set the guard dog. Where was I?

Oh yeah. I wish to give a big congratulations to Scott Sigler for his well-deserved success, and to pass my crown to him. Therefore:

“All Hail Scott Sigler! The King of Shameless Plugs!”

I shall henceforth be known as the Former King of Shameless Plugs until such time I manage to regain my crown.

Considering that Infected got published by Crown Publishing, it’s kinda prophetic that he would eventually get a crown (an imaginary crown, not a real one, so don’t be expecting a shiny gold, bejeweled band to arrive in the mail or something).

Signed this April 7 of 2008,
Your former Majesty,
Scott M. Sandridge

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An Open Letter to John McCain

I had heard the rumors a few months back, but now I’m positive about them. I’m from a military family, so all I can say is McCain better never show his face around me.

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