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I’m 33 today!

And to celebrate my 33rd birthday, I’m releasing, through, The Souldrinker and The Legacy of Captain Jareena: Two Tales of Pankea.

“The Souldrinker” (first published in The Sword Review in October ’06): Arnelda, Korgash, and Roland get hired to seek out and eliminate a virgin-sacrificing cult, but what they discover is an ancient evil long thought destroyed centuries ago.

“The characters have distinct personalities, the language engages, and there is enough mayhem to keep things interesting.” – Nicole McClain, Tangent Online.

“The Legacy of Captain Jareena” (never before published): After a botched raid, Captain Jareena is determined to locate her missing ships and learn the fate of their crews. Her quest forces her to face both dark halves of her mixed bloodline.

So how can you help make my 33rd birthday a special day? Well, glad you asked: 😉

One: is by purchasing a print copy for just $6.98. All money made from The Souldrinker and the Legacy of Captain Jareena: Two Tales of Pankea will go to the production and promotion of The Silverblade Prophecy podiobook. The more money made, the better it will be, and the more listeners it’ll have when released.

Two: download the PDF of The Souldrinker and the Legacy of Captain Jareena for free and e-mail a copy of the PDF to all your friends who love epic fantasy, dark fantasy, or horror. Along with the PDF, send the following link ( ) along with a “you just gotta check this out!” or something similar (or you can just copy and paste the message you’re reading).

Three: copy and paste this message and put it on your blogs.

Four: go to the Lulu marketplace and write a review for the cool little chapbook.

Five: read, enjoy, and tell all your friends about it.

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Aimee Allen: Censored by the CIA & Elektra Records for 5 Years

“Filling in for Alex who is covering Bilderberg 2008, Jason Bermas is joined by American pop/rock singer/songwriter Aimee Allen, who said that her album, I’d Start a Revolution If I Could Get Up In the Morning, was never released because the CIA told Elektra Records that they disapproved of the word “revolution”.

However, Allen’s single Revolution was released and became popular on MTV. It has also become the unofficial song of the Ron Paul Revolution movement.”

We Are Change confronts Brzezinski


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