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My Time at Context 21

The panel discussions I was on were fun. However, I forgot to bring my soundtracks for the “Great Movie Soundtracks” panel, but that’s okay, the rest of the panelists pretty much had it all covered anyhow. I did discover that there’s lots of SF writers and readers who are crazy over Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation, and other bands of that metal genre. I was invited by Dan and Jackie Gamber of Meadowhawk Press to Friday night’s room party, and the fine folks at Shroud Publishing let me crash at their suite – for which I’m deeply grateful, for otherwise I’d have been sleeping at the all-night movie lounge.

The readings rooms were cool. Brian Keene shared his whiskey with me and Gary Frank (who I was on the “Writing Horror” panel with) showed off his singing and guitar skills. I also got to meet and talk with Fran Friel and Tanya Huff.

There were lots of great conversations with writers, editors, and artists. I also finally got to meet face to face, for the first time, Michael Arnzen, Maurice Broaddus, Thomas Sigel of Sigel Press, Michael Brendan (the new Managing Editor of Flashing Swords), Alethea Kontis, Elizabeth Vaughn, Deena Fisher, Geoffrey Landis, Chun Lee, Scott Emerson, and…heck…way more people than I can possibly remember the names of (so if I haven’t listed you, feel free to put up a “Hey, dummy! Say my name!” response in the comments section).. But I met John Dalmas again, who I first met at MarCon last year, and this time around we hung out at the bar drinking coffee while he told me some of his memories of his time in WWII. So yeah, while it was cool to share a panel with Mike Resnik (who definitely knows his stuff), I have to say that John Dalmas is cooler to hang out with.

On the writing end, my review of Realms of Fantasy October 2008 issue is up at The Fix. Okay, okay, it came out last week on the 18th; so yeah, I’m behind on my writerly updates. I also need to finish an interview and five reviews, plus get caught up on F&T’s slush pile. And work on The Silverblade Prophecy podiobook, and send some queries, and write more on The Emperor of Vangaard, and figure out the next few episode for A Work in Progress (which has just reminded me that I need to schedule some interviews), and….

I know I’m forgetting something.

Oh yeah. I also came home to discover that Frank Creed just tagged my WordPress blog, so that’ll be popping up soon.

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  1. Thanks for the very kind mention in you blog. It’s was very nice to meet you, Scott.

    Have a good week.

    Very Best Regards,

    Comment by Fran Friel | September 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. Anytime! It was great meeting you, too! 🙂

    Comment by smsand | September 30, 2008 | Reply

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