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Writerly Update 10-7-08

My review of Midnight Syndicate’s The Dead Matter – Cemetery Gates is finished and will soon be up at F&T. Also, while you’re waiting for SBP to be finished (just as soon as certain voice actors get their lines done…hint, hint…you know who you are), check out my tiny role in an audio drama from Imagination Lane, titled, Saxonboc: The Battle of Maldon. I’m one of the Vikings. 😉

Also, the last couple days were typical of what usually happens when I try to get back into my old writing routine. Just as I was beginning to write something Sunday, I get called in to work. When I got home (around 2:30 AM) one of the kittens got sick and I had to spend the whole morning with the poor fella, cleaning up his vomit and keeping the other rambunctious kittens off him. And then, Houdini, did his usual “appear-out-oof-nowhere” act to claw me in the left eyeball, not my eyelid, my eyeBALL. And so the next couple hours were spent doing first aid to keep my eyeball from swelling out of its socket. Fortunately, we stopped the swelling, and I can still see through it, but it’s still freakin’ sore.

October 7, 2008 - Posted by | Writerly Updates

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