Scott M. Sandridge

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A Red Pill Moment #1

“The Red Pill”: A term used to represent a truth that’s hard to swallow, tastes bitter to the stomach, but wakes you up to reality.


God: “So, what did you do when you realized the end was coming?”

AJ: “Um, I went to a church, prayed really hard, and waited on the Rapture.”

God: “….

“Let me get this straight:
You went to a building,
sat on your butt,
did nothing but talk,
while waiting to be overwhelmed by warm fuzzy feelings?”

AJ: “….”

God: “You weren’t a big fan of dictionaries, were you?”

AJ: “But the world–.”

God: “Age.”

AJ: “What?”

God: “You were about to say the world ended, so I corrected you. It’s the age that ended, not the world.”

AJ: “B-b-but, it says–.”

God: “Mistranslation.”

AJ: “What?”

God: “Aion (eon in modern Greek) means ‘age’ not ‘world’.”

AJ: “….”

God: “I take it you weren’t a fan of concordances, either.”


I still remember when I finally opened my eyes to that one several years ago. Talk about a shock to the system! Today, I realized that that had been my very first step down the rabbit-hole, and I haven’t come back out since.

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