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A Work In Progress Episode 12

A Work in Progress, Episode Twelve: January 5, 2009 Show Notes

Writerly Update: I got to play a viking and have a death scene on Saxonboc. “Demons Without, Demon Within” now up at Mindflights, and “The Philosopher in the Dark” is in the anthology The Best of Everyday Fiction 2008. And don’t forget to get your copy of The Souldrinker and the Legacy of Captain Jareena

Infected by Scott Sigler
Redheart by Jackie Gamber
City of the Dead by Brian Keene
The Thalassa Mixes by Aesma Daeva

Writer Tip: What to do when you’re swamped

Rant Box: Being “pro-Israel” does not necessarily make you pro-Christian, or pro-Jewish.

Blooper Reel

Soundbites from: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lord of the Rings, Southpark, and Firefly



Snark Infested Waters

Stan Prolongo: Private Detective

Ministry – “Let’s Go”
Babylon Mystery Orchestra – “King of the Earth”
Caplyn – “The Revolution Will Come”

Intro theme music mix by Taylor Kent.

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