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Writerly Update (of sorts)

I currently have a total of 6 stories making the submissions rounds, two of which are brand new stories, and two of the stories are in the second round of stories to be held for possible acceptance.

What with my editor role at F&T combined with working on the podcast novel combined with me cranking my normally lazy political activism up several hundred notches, I had completely forgotten to check up on stories that had fallen into Submission Limbo for close to a year or more. After going through to figure out which of these markets to bother sending queries to, I discovered that all but one or two of them are now dead markets. And we’re talking over a dozen submissions I hadn’t gotten replies from.

Of the two that weren’t dead markets, one was an anthology that was set up and published already by the time I thought to send a query (I’ll just assume the rejection didn’t reach my inbox since it was during the period when I wasn’t receiving half my e-mails – #&@! you NSA and DHS ya’ Nazi buttwipes!).

As for the other, well, after four years, three queries, and two re-subs I’ve discovered that the default reply is “I never got the submission, can you re-send it?” when they bother to reply to queries at all.

So, since there’s been no reply to the last query, I’ll just assume they never got the submission…again…

Perhaps I’ll re-sub it to them, or maybe not. After all…four years?

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