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Writerly Update 5-12-09

The A Work In Progress podcast will be out late. I’m busy trying to cut the final episodes for The Silverblade Prophecy before MARcon. Once I have the final episodes cut, I can relax and chill before going into agent search mode (as well as working on Book II).

Two more subs have been sent. A 3rd story is in the second rounds, plus received an 11-day rejection and a 32-day rejection. I’m also getting interviewed again (WooHoo!).

And speaking of MARCon, here’s the full, complete schedule of where I’ll be at and when:


4PM – 6:59PM: Wandering around aimlessly

7:00PM-8:29PM: Panel (As a Gamemaster, What is Your Goal?) at Franklin A.

8:30PM-11:30PM: Wandering around aimlessly (perhaps doing Karaoke at the Con suite aroind 10:00? Eh, we’ll see).

11:31PM-approx. 2:00AM: Partying (maybe, preferably, but who knows? I might have to head home early before coming back in the morning)


10:00AM-11:29AM Short Story Reading in Suite 501 (possibly while hung over – unless I succeeded at the Zen of Moderation last night)

11:30AM-12:59PM: Wandering around aimlessly (while avoiding attacks from orcs, zombies, stormtroopers…maybe they don’t like my jokes?), and perhaps taking a nap somewhere in a corner.

1:00PM-2:29PM: Panel (I Have No Idea Why I’m on This Panel) – Union C

2:30PM-3:59PM: Panel (How do You Write THE OTHER) – Franklin A

4:00PM-11:29PM: Wandering around aimlessly (“rglbrgllll……brrrraaaiiinnnnssssss……”); eh, or maybe I’ll go chuck some dice for a while. 😉

11:30PM-?: Panel (War Stories from the Gaming Table) – Champaign


10:00AM-12:59PM: Either wandering around aimlessly or sleeping in.

1:00PM-2:29PM: Panel (I’ll Pull Out Your Eyestalks and Stomp on Them) – Franklin BC

2:30PM-5:30PM: Wandering around aimlessly.

;)See ya’ there.

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Fear and Trembling Update: “Vagabond Stew”

“Vagabond Stew”
by John Hoh


Shirley, a homemaker and compassionate woman, has taken it upon herself to help feed the homeless. Her efforts seem to be working beyond anyone’s wildest dreams as each week the population at the shelter drops. Can this simple recipe be the answer to a nation’s greatest shame?

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