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A Work in Progress

Writerly Update 5-12-09

The A Work In Progress podcast will be out late. I’m busy trying to cut the final episodes for The Silverblade Prophecy before MARcon. Once I have the final episodes cut, I can relax and chill before going into agent search mode (as well as working on Book II).

Two more subs have been sent. A 3rd story is in the second rounds, plus received an 11-day rejection and a 32-day rejection. I’m also getting interviewed again (WooHoo!).

And speaking of MARCon, here’s the full, complete schedule of where I’ll be at and when:


4PM – 6:59PM: Wandering around aimlessly

7:00PM-8:29PM: Panel (As a Gamemaster, What is Your Goal?) at Franklin A.

8:30PM-11:30PM: Wandering around aimlessly (perhaps doing Karaoke at the Con suite aroind 10:00? Eh, we’ll see).

11:31PM-approx. 2:00AM: Partying (maybe, preferably, but who knows? I might have to head home early before coming back in the morning)


10:00AM-11:29AM Short Story Reading in Suite 501 (possibly while hung over – unless I succeeded at the Zen of Moderation last night)

11:30AM-12:59PM: Wandering around aimlessly (while avoiding attacks from orcs, zombies, stormtroopers…maybe they don’t like my jokes?), and perhaps taking a nap somewhere in a corner.

1:00PM-2:29PM: Panel (I Have No Idea Why I’m on This Panel) – Union C

2:30PM-3:59PM: Panel (How do You Write THE OTHER) – Franklin A

4:00PM-11:29PM: Wandering around aimlessly (“rglbrgllll……brrrraaaiiinnnnssssss……”); eh, or maybe I’ll go chuck some dice for a while. 😉

11:30PM-?: Panel (War Stories from the Gaming Table) – Champaign


10:00AM-12:59PM: Either wandering around aimlessly or sleeping in.

1:00PM-2:29PM: Panel (I’ll Pull Out Your Eyestalks and Stomp on Them) – Franklin BC

2:30PM-5:30PM: Wandering around aimlessly.

;)See ya’ there.

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