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Context 22 Schedule

So far this is what my schedule will be like at Context this Aug. 28-30. There might be later changes and/or additions. If so, I’ll keep you up to date:

Friday, Aug. 28

4-6 PM: Likely scarfing down food somewhere and perhaps passing around some flyers. 😉

6-8 PM: Attend the opening ceremonies for a bit then go wander around aimlessly.

8-9 PM (Buckeye 2): Panel – Writing Fantasy

9-10 PM: Wander around aimlessly.

10-11 PM (Oak 1/2): Panel – What’s a Monster?

11 PM-?: Crash a party or two and look for a place to sleep. What can I say? Minimum wage and hotel fees don’t mix.

Saturday, Aug. 29

10-11 AM (Oak 1/2): Panel – Best Books

11 AM-NOON (Oak 3): Me do a reading! Yay!

NOON- 2 PM (Adler): Mass Autograph Session. There’ll be copies of The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008 available at the dealers room.

2PM-4PM (Adler): Big’em Panel!!! – The Education of a Writer

4PM-5PM: After 6 straight hours, I’m gettin’ some grub, dangit!

5PM-6PM (Oak 1/2): Panel – Why Write About Freedom?

6PM-7PM (Buckeye 1): Panel – Putting The Science In Science Fiction

7PM-8PM: Wander around aimlessly.

8PM-9PM (Oak 3): Panel – The Prose of Gaming

9PM-?: Wander aimlessly, get some grub, crash a party, then find a place to sleep. Man, I’m, such a hobo….

Sunday. Aug. 30

10-11AM (Buckeye 1): Panel – Keeping The Faith

11AM-NOON (Oak 1/2): Panel – Since When Can I Understand The Troll Speaking?

NOON-3:30 PM: Wander around aimlessly.

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