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Writerly Update 12/22/09

Three submissions sent and discovered that one sub got lost in electron limbo and had to be re-sent. Got an 11-day rejection, and 8-month-15-day rejection, and a 22-day rejection. 3760 words down over the last two weeks with 2660 of it on the novel which is now at over 39,000 words. Looks like my goal to have the novel finished before the end of this year won’t happen, alas. 😦

I’m also hoping to get a new column started (preferably through a paying venue) and there’s a possibility that Fear and Trembling might have a yearly anthology in the works to be co-edited by me and Ty Schwamberger (still waiting on Bill to give the go-ahead, assuming we have the funds for it). Instead of it being a “best of” antho, we’re thinking on making it a themed antho instead.

Which leads me to a question. What are your thoughts on F&T? Do you like it as a weekly updated webzine or would you be willing to wait for an annnual antho in your hands to have on your shelf? The obvious answer would be both, but if you had to choose between the two, which would you prefer?

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