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Writerly Update 1/28/10

13, 690 words down on the novel which is now at roughly 68,000 words and only 4 1/2 chapters left to write. Which means I may have to fatten it up a little once the first draft is finished, possibly requiring a rearrangement of the chapters.

One submission sent and two rejections received. And we’re mostly caught up on the F&T slush pile.

Overall, not a bad couple weeks except I got fired from my dayjob on the 18th.

Figures. ūüė¶

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Fear and Trembling Update: “Lover Boy”

“Lover Boy”
by Ian Bontemps


Take a romantic drive with two young lovers.

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The Dead Matter Movie Release and Contest

The Dead Matter movie to be released on July 30th.  Midnight Syndicate gives filmmakers chance to have their work featured on The Dead Matter DVD and win prizes with their 13th Anniversary Video Contest.

(Cleveland, OH) Midnight Syndicate Films has announced that The Dead Matter movie and soundtrack will be released on July 30th.  Production on an interactive website that allows fans to delve deeper into the world and characters they will encounter in the movie is underway.  A set of three new trailers, the first of which will be released in February is also in production along with a mini-documentary produced by Smudgeline Productions and other behind-the-scenes featurettes.   All of these items and more special features to be announced soon will be included on the DVD release.  
Midnight Syndicate Halloween Music is hosting a 13th Anniversary Video Contest where filmmakers and animators can¬†create a silent film or music video to an existing¬†Midnight Syndicate track.¬† The winner will be featured on “The Dead Matter” DVD as well as win prizes from sponsors: Screamline Studios, Conquest Graphics, Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps, Van Helsing’s Curse Halloween music, and Midnight Syndicate.¬†¬† Other finalists will also win prizes and special promotions.
Judges include legendary frontman and horror fan Dee Snider (Twisted Sister, Strangeland), Horror FX-legends Tom Savini (Friday the 13th, Dusk Till Dawn) and Robert Kurtzman (producer From Dusk Till Dawn, KNB FX, Wishmaster), as well as Edward Douglas (The Dead Matter) and Gavin Goszka of Midnight Syndicate and producer director Gary Jones (Xena, Hercules, Boogeyman 3).
Additional information on the video contest can be found at  The official rules are posted at
 РРР1 / 13 / 10
ABOUT The Dead Matter
Why rule the living when you can control the dead? . . .
Inspired by Hammer Horror Films and Tales from the Crypt.  The Dead Matter tells the story of a relic with occult powers that falls into the hands of a grief-stricken young woman, whose desire to reconnect with her dead brother draws her into the supernatural world of vampirism and the living dead. Scored by Halloween music legends MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE and co-produced by Robert Kurtzman (Producer From Dusk Till Dawn, KNB FX, Wishmaster) and Gary Jones (Xena, Boogeyman 3), the movie features a mix of classic horror themes with modern twists that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Starring Andrew Divoff (Lost, CSI:Miami, Wishmaster), Jason Carter (Babylon 5, Angel), Tom Savini (Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead), and legendary television horror hosts Dick Count Gore DeVol Dyszel and Big Chuck Schodowski.
ABOUT Midnight Syndicate
For the past thirteen years, dark music pioneers Midnight Syndicate have been creating soundtracks for the imagination and their music has become staples of the Halloween, gothic music, haunted attraction, and role-playing game industries. With a catalog of CDs that blend dark, orchestral horror and fantasy movie score-style music with sound effects, the band consisting of Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka has had its soundtracks to imaginary films featured in everything from Hugh Hefner’s infamous Halloween parties, Barbara Walters specials and Monday Night Football to X-Box games, tracks by the Academy-Award winning rap act, Three Six Mafia, and Twiztid as well as concerts by dark music pioneers The Misfits and King Diamond. The music has also been featured on countless television shows and documentaries relating to horror films and the supernatural.
Often referred to as the first Halloween band or Haunted House band, Midnight Syndicate is the industry standard for the world’s top haunted attractions and amusement parks. From Siberia and Hong Kong to Europe and the United States, whether it’s a store, neighborhood celebration, or even a themed-cruise, Midnight Syndicate’s music has become synonymous with the celebration of the Halloween season.¬† In September of 2009, AOL released a list of the Top 10 Best Halloween Music CDs of all time as ranked by AOL/CBS Radio listeners. Three of the ten CDs were Midnight Syndicate discs (#8, #4, and #3) ranking only behind Danny Elfman’s Nightmare Before Christmas and John Carpenter’s classic Halloween soundtrack.
In 2003, Midnight Syndicate made an impact in the gaming industry when it teamed up with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast to produce the first official soundtrack to the classic role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. Midnight Syndicate’s 2005 release, The 13th Hour, was the first music CD to ever receive the industry’s top two awards: The Origins Award and the ENnie Award for Best Gaming Accessory.
2007 saw the band, take on three new projects as they composed music for Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights XVIII, scored Robert Kurtzman’s drive-in thriller, The Rage, and began work on their biggest production to date, The Dead Matter movie.¬† In 2008, the band released it’s tenth studio album, The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates.¬† One of their most critically acclaimed releases to date the disc was inspired by the themes from the upcoming movie.
In January of 2010, Midnight Syndicate began a year-long celebration to commemorate the 13th Anniversary of the release of it’s Midnight Syndicate debut CD.   A reboot of their website, the July 30th release of The Dead Matter movie and soundtrack, a 13th Anniversary Halloween Music compilation CD, fan appreciation contests, and special appearances, are just some of the major announcements the band will be making in the coming months. 
OfficialThe Dead Matter website:
Official Midnight Syndicate website:
Conquest Graphics Р
Screamline Studios ‚Äď
Van Helsing‚Äôs Curse Halloween Soundtrack ‚Äď¬†
Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps ‚Äď

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Fear and Trembling Update: “The Chopping Block”

“The Chopping Block”
by Brian Rosenberger


Times are tough. People are afraid of losing their jobs. Everyone’s head is on the chopping block. Meet the man with the axe.

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Fear and Trembling Update: “Requiem for a Changeling”

“Requiem for a Changeling”
by Ryan Willox


In the aftermath of a failed exorcism, Father Thomas realises he is facing an evil much worse than he initially feared.

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Fear and Trembling Update: “Underground”

by Deborah Walker


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Writerly Update 1/12/10

One submission, a 14-day rejection, 20-day rejection, and 1-day rejection. Also, 5400 words down on the novel now that I finally pulled myself out of the quagmire I was in.

Heh. And all it took was to kill off a character two scenes before I had planned to.

the P&E Readers Poll closes on the 14th, so you only have two days left to vote for Chimeraworld #6 (New World Disorder), so go vote already! ūüėČ

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Fear and Trembling Update: “The Ballad of Things”

“The Ballad of Things”
by David Siegel Bernstein, PhD.


In the beginning there isn’t light‚ÄĒonly a thought.
It floats in my mind, but it isn’t mine.
Over time, it grows from solo to choir.
And I learn the song of my people.

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Feaf and Trembling Update: “Snuff Film”

“Snuff Film”
by Charles Kyffhausen


They thought they had developed the perfect crime: pay-per-view Internet snuff films from an offshore location beyond the reach of any laws. They had actually created a Hell whose paying customers were to regard themselves as devils and their victims as the damned. They learned too late that life in such places, even for their purported masters, tends to be brutish, nasty, and short.

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Voting Time!

Yep, the P&E Readers Poll is open again, so it’s time to nominate and vote for your favorite artists, writers, and stories. I have two stories that are nominatable for the year if you choose to do so (hint, hint): “Transhuman” which appeared in Chimeraworld #6 (New World Disorder) and “A Nighttime Business Arrangement” which appeared in Issue 4 of Silver Blade. Both are Science Fiction/Fantasy (psst… here’s the linky-link for that category: ūüėČ

Speaking of Chimeraworld #6, guess what’s already been nominated for the anthology category.

Oh, and don’t forget Fear & Trembling.

You all know what to do troopers! Huzzah!

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