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Writerly Update 5/18/10

CoyoteCon has been a blast so far. If you haven’t yet registered and attended (it’s free), it’s running all month long so don’t miss the last two weeks of it.

Last week I managed to write a 1400 word story in one sitting. Haven’t done that in a while. Yay! 🙂

May is the last month Fear and Trembling will be open as a DEP webzine. It might come back in another form, but either way I will no longer be the managing editor after this month. Eh, we had a good three year run and accomplished quite a bit with it.

Also, I now know my Marcon schedule:

FRI04:00pm Union B Media Horror of the Mind’s Eye
FRI07:00pm Harding Literary How to be Edited
FRI10:00pm Harding Readings Reading
FRI11:30pm Franklin D Media Best and Worst Villians
SAT11:30am Harrison Literary How to Write Horror
SAT02:30pm Union C Literary The Business of Writing
SAT04:00pm Hayes Workshops Dialogue
SAT05:30pm Regency Ballroom Foyer Autographs Autograph Session
SAT07:00pm Harding GamingPaper vs. Electronic Gaming
SUN10:00am Franklin A General Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism – Fact vs. Fiction
SUN11:30am Garfield Literary Creating Logical Societies
SUN02:30pm Union C Literary Real Life Tyrants v. Fiction
SUN04:00pm Union C Literary The Musical Muse

Boy oh boy! May 28-30 is gonna’ be one busy weekend!

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