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My Time at Marcon 45, Part One of Three

I’ve got my handy-dandy pocket program sheet thingy in front of me because, like always, I completely suck at remembering names. Overall, I had a blast, but doing the amount of panels I do takes a special kind of crazy, so I don’t recommend it–unless, of course, you’re crazy like me. 😉


My brain is still a bit zombiefied so bear with me.




I got there early, roughly around 2pm. Strange how two hours of wandering around aimlessly can fly by so fast….


At 4pm I was on my first panel for the day. Yep, already doing a panel, and the convention just started. Horror of the Mind’s Eye with C. Brown, S. Sandridge (Eh? Who’s that Sandridge guy? I don’t recall seeing anyone named–oh, wait. Nevermind), M. McKean, and…G. Braubeck? Shouldn’t that be Gary Braunbeck?


Agh! *wads up paper thingy and throws it away*


Okay. My first panel at the con, and the only one I didn’t have to moderate, and it rocked. One of the coolest things about being on a panel where you’re surrounded by seasoned pros is they know how to make even you look good. And on top of that (as I discovered later), moderating such panels gets to be pretty easy when the panelists on it know how to play off each other and thus make it run smoothly with little to no moderation (fortunately for mild-autistic little me).


Did my first in what would become a long list of run-to-consuite-forget-to-eat-run-to-bathroom-run-back-to-consuite-forget-to-eat-again-run-halfway-up-steps-then-back-down-to-consuite-and-finally-remember-to-eat routine in between panels. At 5:30 I listened in on the How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse panel because, well, incase we ever have one I want to know how to survive it. BTW, did you know that if the zombies aren’t being caused by a virus you can cook them for food? Mmmmmmm……zombieburgers…….yum………


And Michael Z. Williamson was nice enough to tell me the best strategic ways to place my stash of Bouncing Betties in the event of a zombie outbreak. Now all I have to do is remember where I stashed them.



Oh crud.


Um, let’s move on. 7pm, How to be Edited was my first of the remaining nine panels to moderate that weekend, with T. Lee Harris, Ross Martinek, Marian Allen, Tim Waggoner, and the wuvable Lucy Snyder. Yay! I CAN remember names sometimes! That panel went flawless because, y’know, I can moderate like that. 😉


Actually, all I had to do was yap once in a while and keep track of the time. That’s what’s cool about moderating a panel filled with seasoned pros. They don’t really have to be moderated all that much. Now, if everyone in the world could act like seasoned pros, Anarchy could actually work. Sigh.


At 8:30 I watched the play, Farce of the Living Dead, performed by The Confused Greenies. It was LOL hilarious!


At 10pm I shared a reading panel with the super-awesome auther/film maker, Stephen Zimmer (who’s currently beta-reading my latest novel manuscript. Squee!!!–and yes, I completely stole the Squee from Eugie Foster. Shhhh….don’t tell her, okay?). It appears that Stephen and I have something in common: we both have really really shy fans who never appear at readings. But, hey, Richard Hatch was doing an autograph session at the same time our panel was scheduled, so we forgive y’all.


So, after catching up and chatting with each other for half an hour, we both decided to close early and head to the Erotic Readings panel done by Tammy Jo Eckhart, William Levy, Lisa Kay Richards, David Wyatt–I think. *Scans through booklet thingy to cross-reference with now-unwadded paper program thingy* Yeah, that’s their names. Eckhart, I knew (I was able to remember another name! Yipeee!).


I had to go find some ice cubes after that panel. Don’t ask.


At 11:30 I went to my last panel for the night, The Best and Worst Villains, and discovered that I’m not the only person who thinks that Kefka from FF 6 rocks! And the one person in the room who agreed, she was CUTE!


Sigh. I’m always the bridesmaid but never the bride. *sniffle, sniffle*


Those Bouncing Betties have got to be somewhere. Maybe I stashed them next to my improvised Hello Kitty hand grenades. Eh, I’ll worry about it later.


The last panel for the night ended a 1am, so off to the all night movie theater I went. And what was on as I walked in?


Shaun of the Dead! WOOT!


So, like always, I didn’t get much sleep. Three hours at most.


Okaaaaay, what was that big boom sound outside?


Um, ah, looks like I now know where the Bouncing Betties went.



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  1. Kefka was a she?

    Comment by Jeff | June 5, 2010 | Reply

    • No, but the lady at the program who liked Kefka was female. 😉

      Comment by smsand | June 5, 2010 | Reply

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