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My Time at Marcon 45, Part Three of Three

Lucy told me today why she missed the Saturday 10am panel. She and Gary got caught in traffic. It happens.

Oh, and I found more zombie footage, too! 😀


Looks like the zombies managed to break out of the Hyatt and plague the city. Sorry, Columbus.

Okay, now onto


Despite the bizareness of Saturday, I somehow managed to get enough sleep to get rid of the migraine. Got up around 8am, cleaned up, and got dresses (dresses? Has to be a typo). Hung out at the consuite and outside until I had to moderate my first panel for the day at 10am, Wicca/Witchcraft/Paganism–Fact Vs. Fiction with Elizabeth Gunther, Faith Van Horne, and Lexi Taylor. One couldn’t be there because she was sick, but three out of us four ain’t bad (Wasn’t there a song called that once? Or was that “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad?” Oh well). Me being the only Christian (even if my Christian views are on the pseudo-gnostic end)on the panel made things a bit interesting, but since I have Pagan and Wiccan family members, I basically knew what I was talking about; although, the other two obviously knew a lot more about it.

Then came the 11:30 panel, Creating Logical Societies, with James O. Barnes, Tammy Jo Eckhart, Ross Martinek, Joseph P. Martino, and D.A. Adams(of The Brotherhood of Dwarves fame). Adams didn’t show, though (Or at least I think he didn’t show. My memory’s a bit fuzzy). But, then again, the zombies snacked on a lot of people yesterday….

But anyhow, an interesting question was brought up: what’s the purpose of thieves’ guilds? And everyone had good points to make about that, especially James, who’s current novel happens to be Thief King. I also tried to emphasize the importance of understanding a society’s economics, even if most or all of that doesn’t end up in the story, itself. You’d be surprised how much economics can shape as society, especially with different monetary systems. And Ross also had great points regarding how geography can effect how a society ends up.

Actually, everybody rocked on that panel.

Since I had an hour-and-a-half before my next panel, I grabbed some grub (nice, squiggly ones, too) then went to the dealer tables. Between Stephen Zimmer’s autograph session yesterday and the dealer table (where I ran into Tammy again), I got to bring home some nice loot, including an autographed copy each of The Exodus Gate and Women of the Bite. I don’t recommend Women of the Bite to kids, though. For adults, however, it’s great.

At 2:30 I moderated Real Tyrants v. Fictional Tyrants with Ross Martinek and David Wyatt. It rocked, though it sometimes went off topic. My poor wee brain was too vegitated by this point to moderate effectively.

At 4pm I moderated my last panel for Marcon, The Musical Muse with Ross Martinek, Linda Robertson, Randy Auxier, and the lovely musical muse, herself, Catherine Asaro! I can’t recall if Linda showed (by this point I was so vegibrained it was a miracle my brain could even function, period. Doing 10 panels, a workshop, a reading, and a signing in three days can do that to you). But it was an awesome panel and more people showed up than we had expected. And I managed to plug Megadeth, among a few others.

MWAHAHAHA!!!! Me Evil Metalhead!!!!!!

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