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SpecMusicMuse: Review of The Dead Matter

B-list horror films are often hit or miss. The Dead Matter, from Midnight Syndicate Films, is a bit of both.

From sinister vampires and zombies to ancient evil relics, all the old horror film clichés are here, including a guilt-ridden protagonist with a deceased brother. While the plot could’ve been better, I’ve actually seen worse plots in blockbuster films. And Jason Carter’s acting became one of the saving graces to this film (that, and the zombie humor).

But Jason Carter aside, the acting for most of the cast was mediocre. However, for a low budget film, the special effects were good, minus one mistake: a cut on the left cheek appears on the right cheek in the next scene then disappears altogether.

The film’s musical score, however, was awesome. It was exactly the quality and style you’d expect from Midnight Syndicate.

Overall, the film could have been better, but it’s nowhere near the worst movie I’ve seen (Werewolf still ranks as the worst movie ever).

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