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SpecMusicMuse: Review of Destini Beard w/ Midnight Syndicate – The Dark Masquerade

First impression: wow.

The Dark Masquerade is a musical and lyrical nightmare come true for fans of Gothic Horror. Haunting melodic sound with an angelically dark voice (Destini Beard) turns this CD into a lethal yet beautiful combination that’s guaranteed to keep you up at night staring fearfully at shadows, while also yearning for said shadows.

Whether it’s the vampiric melody, “Awaken,” the sad “Farewell Forever,” or the esoterically meaningful “Dark Masquerade,” just figuring out which of the six masterful songs comprising The Dark Masquerade to be a favorite will become an undertaking in and of itself. For me, “Internal Struggle,” is the best of the six–it’s the Gemini in me, what can I say?

This is a CD that I highly recommend.

Best listened to while reading: anything from Poe or Lovecraft, some Stephen King and Dean Koontz.

But, if you choose not to read anything while listening, turn the lights off and don’t mind the glowing red eyes in the room….

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