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My Time at Context 23 (Before Day 1)

Well, context 23 has come and gone, and I have a fun yarn to spin…or something like that.
I’ll also be counting my total number of Homer Simpson moments, starting with:
When the paneling schedule was first made a few weeks back, we were told that whoever’s name is first in the panel block would be moderator. Normally, when I’m moderator, I like to get myself prepared for it. Unfortunately, some time between that e-mail and Convention time, I forgot about that part of the message. Thus, I was completely unprepared.
Homer Simpson Moments: 1
I also, for some reason, thought my first panel on Friday was at 4:30, so when I started my new dayjob two days before con time, I fired Nick Winks off an e-mail to tell him I might be late since I have to rush directly from work at 3:30. He said that’s okay, but I probably shouldn’t worry since the first panels don’t start until 5: 30.
Homer Simpson Moments: 2 (and I wasn’t even even at the convention yet).

August 31, 2010 - Posted by | Writerly Updates

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