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My Time at Context 23 (Day One)

(total Homer Simpson Moments tally from last Context 23 entry: 2)

I head to the inn immediately after work with a pair of pants a size too big. And wouldn’t you know it? I lost my belt.

Homer Simpson Moments: 3

My niece’s fiancee drops me off. I get out and the first two people I see are D. Harlan Wilson and his cutie cousin (See? I can do alliteration!), Emily. I start to light up a cigarette only to discover that when my niece’s fiancee borrowed my lighter, I forgot to get it back.

Homer Simpson Moments: 4 (and the convention still hasn’t started yet).

Oh yeah. I also forgot my trusty watch.

Homer Simpson Moments: 5

We all talked for a while about writing, the upcoming panels, and various random stuff, and others showed up and joined in on the conversation. At 5:30pm I did my first panel, Humor in Literature. Wilson put out some very good points on that panel and I utilized my usual Gemini charm, even allowing my  Evil Twin to come to the surface for brief periods (hey, I have to let Evil Twin have a little fun every now and then; otherwise, he gets into one of his moods and I get writer’s block, and we can’t have that, now can we?).

I was free to wander around aimlessly until near the end of the night. At 7:00pm my aimless wnadering took me to The End of “Climategate” hosted by Gordon Aubrecht. There, I learned a few things about the scientific method that I hadn’t been aware of, even though I actually should have been aware of since I’m a bit of a science fan.

Homer Simpson Moments: 6

I wandered around some more, talked to a few people, then caught the last half of 8pm’s Motivation for Writers with Tim Waggoner, JD Williams, Elizabeth Massie, Linda Robertson, Laura Bickle, and Jo Lynne Valerie. Alas, I only heard half of what was being discussed because I was too fixated on the uber-hotness of the female panelists. Looks like I need a new Moments category.

I’m Too Damn Male Moments: 1

However, I did remember that I promised to get one of Laura’s books back when we met at MARcon, and since she and I were both on the next panel in the same room as the Motivation for Writers panel, I figured I’d run to the Dealer’s Room, buy Embers, and run back to have her sign it. Unfortunately, I forgot that the Dealer’s Room closed at 9.

Homer Simpson Moments: 7

Luckily, Laura had an extra copy on hand, decided to give it to me to review for my SpecMusicMuse entries, and even signed it for me. 🙂

So, anywho, my 10pm panel, Stupid Villains, Smart Villians, started. I had the pleasure of sitting among Bickle, Steven L. Shrewbury, and the awesome Michael West. This was the first panel at Context that I had to moderate. Remember the last entry where I told you I ended up being completely unprepared? Um, yeah….

So, without getting into too much detail:

Homer Simpson Moments: 8

Well, the panels were over, but the night was still young, so the fine folks at Shroud Publishing decided to throw a pre-party party with open readings. They wisely decided to do the readings at the start while people weren’t yet too intoxicated. they even allowed me to do a reading. 🙂

However, there was a bit of a time limit to allow more than just a couple readers to be able to read, and I picked a story that was too big for the time limit. Fortunately, I reached a section break in the tale just before the time limit expired. But still, I guess I have to count that as:

Homer Simpson Moments: 9

Most who know me already know that I almost never pay for hotel rooms because (a) I rarely find enough people I know who are going to the same place and thus share the bill with and (b) there’s no way in Hell I can possible afford the rates, especially after being unemployed for seven months straight. In places like MARcon, there’s always the good ‘ole all-night theater to go to. At Context, however, if you can’t find someone who’ll let you crash, then you’re stuck doing the catnap-while-avoiding-security-shuffle for the rest of the night if you have no way to get back home.

Usually, you can find someone who’ll let you crash, unfortunately (and I’ll go ahead and blame this on the rum) I forgot to ask anyone. However, I did learn a valuable lesson: toilet seats are not comfortable things to sleep on.

Homer Simpson Moments: 10 (and this was just the first day)

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