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My Time at Context 23 (Day 2)

(total Homer Simpson Moments from last Context 23 entry: 10)

At 10am I went to Stephen Zimmer‘s Kaffeeklatsch where me and a couple other people got to hang out with him and chat for an hour. There was a lot of coffee to drink, too, which was a good thing since I was still trying to get rid of my migraine from last night. For once, I actually managed to avoid any Homer Simpson Moments.

11:30am was the Mass Autograph Session, and I actually got to sell and autograph two anthos! WooHoo!

What anthos did I bring, you ask? Well….

The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008

Chimeraworld #6 (New World Disorder)

The Four Horsemen: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine, and Death

and Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets: An Anthology of Werewolf Tails

When I got back home, I discovered something really cool about that event. I knew parts of it was getting filmed, but I had no idea I was in it:

I’m on YouTube! Yayyy!

But apparantly I forgot to comb my hair, what little I have.

Homer Simpson Moments: 11

At 1pm I checked out the How Did I Get Here? panel and later got a chance to chat a bit with the awesome and uber-cool Maurice Broaddus. Then I spent the next five hours in the Game Roem playing the Battlestar Galactica boardgame with a couple of my fanly friends. Or is that friendly fans? Eh, we’ll just use the word, friends.

Alas, I sucked at that game. But I still had a lot of fun. 🙂

At 8:30 I was on my Christian Horror panel with Michael West, Jerry Gordon, and Michelle Pendergrass. That one ran smoothly. Probably because I wasn’t the moderator.

After talking about Christianity and Horror, I skipped the 10pm panels and went straight to the Shroud party.

I drank a can of beer, then a second can somehow appeared in my hand, and then a third….

And then I remembered I’m allergic to yeast.

Homer Simpson Moments: 12

After counting Gina Ranalli’s crunches until 3am, I decided to go crash….

And realized I still hadn’t asked anyone about crashing in their room.

Homer Simpson Moments: 13

Later I discovered that pretending to read at the foyer while catching some shuteye doesn’t work if you’re prone to snoring.

Homer Simpson Moments: 14

I wonder if God was angry with me or something…..

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