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SpecMusicMuse Classic: Review – Flashpoint by Frank Creed

In a future where simply believing in the Bible makes you a “terrorist,” Dave and Jen Williams evades capture during a home-church bust. They seek help from the BoC Underground and take the codenames of Calamity Kid and e-girl. As they seek to rescue their family and friends they must deal with peacekeepers, gangers, One State Neros, and fallen angels.

The first in a series, Frank Creed has created a future that could easily come to pass if we, today, make the wrong choices here in the present. While an SF tale, some readers may view it as having a touch of Fantasy even though he provides enough scientific explanation for to be believable. Regardless of which genre you view it in, it’s still a good tale.

I dislike Biblical passages hitting me in the face on every page, like with what little I read in the Left Behind series. But not only does Creed make such references relevant to the tale, as well as in character and within the context of the story, he keeps it down to only a few and only where it matters. The street slang of the gangers comes off sounding cheesy, but anyone who’s ever heard real gangers talk will know that the cheesiness is true to the way gangers talk in real life.

Overall, Flashpoint is a well-written story with an entertaining plot, believable and sympathetic characters, and a moral that doesn’t get bashed against your head. While classified as Biblical or Christian speculative fiction, I highly recommend it to any lover of SF and Fantasy, regardless of your theological point of view.

And besides, e-girl and Calamity Kid are just plain cool.

Category: Biblical speculative fiction
Trade Paperback, 200 pages
ISBN: 978-1-934284-01-8
Publication Date: September 2007
Publisher: The Writers’ Cafe Press
Price: $9.95

[First published in 2007 in The Sword Review and Teen Age.]

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