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SpecMusicMuse Review: Point Valid w/Catherine Asaro–Diamond Star

Diamond Star is a music CD based off the novel by the same title written by Catherine Asaro. I usually don’t care for Pop/Rock (I’m a Metalhead through and through), but from time to time I run across songs and even singers/bands in that genre that does appeal to me. Point valid is one of those bands. That their CD is based off an SF book and features the very songs that the main character, Del, sings in the story, is a much added bonus.

My personal favorites are “Carnelians” and “Carnelians Finale” because of the emotional power in the lyrics, and if any two songs on the CD could be redone as Metal songs, those two could. But all the songs have a relevancy to them befitting modern day while they can also be timeless.

But the thing I liked most about the Diamond Star CD is its realness. The songs sound exactly like how you would hear them at a concert without all the technology that’s used today to enhance sounds and voices with. It’s almost raw, and the songs are much better for it. And Asaro’s vocals go perfectly with the Point Valid’s vocals and music.

Definitely a must get, especially with a certain book.

Best to listen to while reading: Diamond Star by Catherine Asaro. Duh.

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