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Dark Things V

Yeah, I’m a bit late in putting this out. Yes, it’s because I can sometimes be a lazy bastard. And yes, that’s my screwy way of apologizing for being late with this shameless self-promotion.

Dark Things V

“Embrace your dark side with this eclectic collection of horror stories. Missing children, closet monsters, ghoul men and strange keys; alien abductions, body collectors and demonic possession. Frightening fits of rage and terror are soaked into every page. Drenched in the dark and dreary, this volume contains the following short stories: Hexting by Gregory L. Norris, The Monster of All Monsters by Kelly Hashway, Ghoul Man by Scott M. Sandridge, With the Turn of a Key by Eden Royce, Expecting by Marc Sorondo, Better Homemade by Daniel J.D. Stone, Eye for an Eye by O.J. Cade, The Nature Elementals by A.J. French, The Devil’s Song by Ellie Garratt, Lord of Slum by Matt Kurtz, Food of the Gods by John Pennington, The Machine Fink by Mike Phillips, Daddy’s Little Secret by Charles Day, The ReNOWn Balloon Trial by Douglas J. Ogurek, Guilt by Eva Glynn Stephens, Under the Skin by Rebecca Lloyd, Hungry for Winter by Christian Crews, ‘Til the End of the Road by Tony Simmons & Darkened by Gary Buettner.”

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