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Marcon 46: How to Survive a Convention while Having Sinusitis.

Yeah. That’s the problem with severe allergies. From time to time, it can turn into something worse. In this case, it was Sinusitis (according to the doc who checked on me in the ER room last night).

Fortunately, people at Marcon 46 were understanding, and even offered me an occasional anti-histamine pill.

While there, I met with a lot of cool people that I’ve come to consider friends. People like Stephen Zimmer and Tammy Jo Ekhart. And of course I got to do some cool panels with Tim Waggoner, S. Andrew Swann, and ERIC FLINT!

Eric frakin’ Flint, man! I got to be on a panel that Eric Flint was on! A panel titled “Alien Sex”…. don’t ask.

And I love love, lllllllllove! Michael Z. Williamson‘s swords.

I ran out of smokes by Saturday night, but that’s okay because the interesting thing about Sinusitis (which I hadn’t realized yet that I had. I just thought it was all the pollen in the air) is that you stop craving nicotene…at least I do.

What’s that damn thing about hindsight again? Oh well, at least the Vampire: The Masquerade game that Tammy ran Saturday night totally rocked. Totally.

Suffice it to say, on all my panels I truly did sound like a country hick with a permanent headcold.

And then came the trip home on Sunday, after leaving my final panel, “Damsels in Chainmail” (and, yes, I shamelessly plugged my character, Yavar).  I went out the wrong door and took a wrong turn at Alberquerque. The result was that by the time I got to the bus stop for the 81 bus on Alum Creek, the last 81 bus had already passed the stop up.  So I walked the rest of the way home, for over two hours, through farmland, cut grass, and pollen so thick you could see it floating by.

And to top it all off, my bookbag busted open along the way. 😦

However, despite Murphy’s Law choosing to kick my ass and laugh in my face, I still had loads of fun. That, and Dayquil makes me high. heheheheheheheeeeeee.

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Cutlass & Musket

Cutlass & Musket, Tales of Piratical Skullduggary

Edited by Jessica A. Weiss

Arrgh, you scallywags. Rip open these pages to find yerself lost in the world of  pirates and their misdeeds. Join them as they travel to misty islands of  fortune, sail the seven seas for mysterious items, kill those that betrayed them, and lay siege to monasteries. This collection of new work brings you 18 short stories and a new novella by M.S. Gardner. But beware…if ye escape Davy Jones’ Locker, ye may still face the plank.

Also included in the antho is “The Legacy of Captain Jareena” written by some unknown hack named Scott M. Sandridge….
Psst! For Pankea fans: yes, it’s a Pankea story. 😉

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Avaaz Needs Your Support to Help Syrian People

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