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SpecMusicMuse Review: Angelkiller – H. David Blalock

Why does evil exist? The answer is simple: because the forces of evil won the war, and the forces of good have had to fight a clandestine uphill battle to retake the Earth from the grip of the Fallen ever since.

In the near future, with the advancement of computer and Internet technology, the war now threatens to spill over into the virtual world. But not if Jonah Mason—a mysterious man who is far older than he appears—and his team of special agents from The Army can help it. But first they must figure out Azazel’s treacherous scheme.

That is the backdrop and plot of Angelkiller, by H. David Blalock—a story of espionage, action, and intrigue filled with surprises and plot twists. Blalock reveals a compelling if bleak world where the real world and virtual world interact and effect each other. His main character, Mason, is one intriguing fella, and Blalock brings depth to the character like a pro. Even the sidekicks are given some depth as well as the villains.

The concept of the Fallen having won the war might turn some Christian readers off, but it is a concept that works for the world Blalock has created, and the light of hope still burns in his dark world. Regardless, it is a compelling and worthwhile read.

Best to read while listening to: anything Techno, Dubstep, and Industrial as well as Goth Rock and Metal.

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