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SpecMusicMuse: Review—Haunting Obsession by R.J. Sullivan

Loretta’s boyfriend, Daryl, has a bit of an obsession over a dead celebrity named Maxine Marie. When Daryl buys some original memorabilia at a store little does he know that it comes with Maxine’s ghost. But not only does Daryl’s apartment end up haunted, but Maxine is also feeding off Daryl’s obsession of her—and becoming obsessed in return.

Loretta must find a way to rescue her boyfriend from a now insane and extremely powerful ghost, and do so before Maxine’s obsessive love for him ends up killing him.

Haunting Obsession by R. J.  Sullivan takes the old cliché of celebrity ghost stories and adds a unique and interesting twist. Sullivan shows his strong points in dialogue and characterization, and he’s not too shabby when it comes to action, either. The pacing and suspense will keep you reading from start to finish. More importantly, you end up feeling sympathetic toward the antagonist, Maxine, whose character is an homage to Marilyn Monroe.

Also, it’s nice to see the damsel rescue the knight for once.


Best to read while listening to: anything from the 50s and 60s. Also, anything from Midnight Syndicate.

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