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Writerly Update 7/22/2013

All the rejection emails for all three anthologies (yes, three; the fairies antho is getting split into two volumes) have been sent. Therefore both the fun part and hard part are over, and the tedious part is about to begin.

Hey, just because I like being an editor generally doesn’t mean I like every single aspect of it. :p

But even the tedious parts are required if you want to make it a product worth selling. That’s just the way it is.

As I’m starting on that, I’m also preparing for my trip to Fandom Fest. During the bus ride I also plan to get caught up on a long overdue book review.

But anywho, if you’re gonna be at Fandom Fest here’s where you’ll find me when I’m not either eating a restaurant out of house and home or drinking myself to an early grave just for kicks. What can I say? I’m part Boggan.

Pssst! Most of the below copypasta’d from Stephen’s handy .doc except what’s in brackets.

Friday Panels

2:00 pm

Meet the Panelists
An informal meet and greet, where attendees at Fandom Fest can get an idea of who’s who on the Literary Track!

[I’ll be there if my bus isn’t late like it was last year]

4:00 Panels

Dynamic Dialogue

What are some approaches to writing effective dialogue? This panel will contain a few surprises, as our panelists will demonstrate how dialogue that might look correct on the page can be very different on the ear. Be sure to catch this panel for some moments that are both instructive and entertaining!


Marian Allen

L. Andrew Cooper

Scott Sandridge

Missy Goodman

Ian Harac

Ren Garcia


[Wow! I think I even know two or three! WOOT!]


7 PM Panels

Writers Guide to Drinking

What’s the easiest place to find authors at a Con?  Just go to the bar!  Yes, authors have been known to have a drink or two, and we thought we’d include a fun panel featuring authors talking about the topic of drinking!  What they like, whether they drink when writing, and more!   Should be a fun, light-hearted addition to the track!


Tony Acree

Mariah Allen

Chris Brown

Christian Jensen (M)

Scott Sandridge

Neil Sayatovich

[There better be some booze!]


Saturday Panels

11:30 AM Panels

World Building 101

World building plays a key role in all kinds of speculative fiction, from steampunk, to epic fantasy, to science fiction and urban fantasy.   How do you go about creating an interesting and compelling world to set your story in?  There are so many considerations, from geography, to sociology, to technology, and much more.  What world-building elements can be used in developing a story set in our world?  Come and explore the exciting topic of world building with our expert panelists.


John Allen

Terry W. Ervin

Scott Sandridge

Mark Wandrey

Brad Parnell

Ian Harac

[Even this late I might still be hung over. Just sayin’.]


2:30 PM Panels

Working Well With Editors

What do editors expect?  What’s the right etiquette when working with a professional editor?   What are the editor’s expectations of an author?  This discussion will give you insights that will help you improve your approach to editors as well as your experience working with them.


Janet Harriet

Scott Sandridge

Sean Taylor

Shon Jason Medley

Dave Creek

Becky Hollada

[Prepare for thy doom! Mwahahahahahaaaaa!]


5:30 Panels

Heavy Metal and Its Relationship With Speculative Fiction

Dio, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Black Sabbath, Rush … the list goes on and on of hard rock and heavy metal bands who have incorporated fantasy and science fiction themes into their music and artwork.  This panel will explore the relationship of hard rock and heavy metal with speculative fiction,


Chris Brown

Scott Sandridge

Brick Marlin

Stephen Zimmer

Neil Sayatovich



9 AM

FandomFest Church Service

Come join us for a non-denominational worship service co-hosted by the Christian Gamers Guild and Fans for Christ. We’ll read scripture, sing familiar hymns, hear a sermon, and offer an optional communion. Stick around afterwards to meet fellow Christians and learn more about the ministries.

[If I wake up on time, Sunday being a day of rest and all…]


11:30 Panels

Animals in Fiction

This panel will explore the topic of animals in fiction, including animals that are characters and the use of animals in stories.  Some of the most heartwarming stories in literature have involved animals who have been main characters (Watership Down, for starters), or important parts of the cast (Shadowfax in LOTR).  Join this panel for a fun and interesting overview of the use of animals in fiction.


JH Glaze

T. Lee Harris

Scott Sandridge

J.L. Mulvihill

Brad Parnell

Ren Garcia

[Because animals rule!]


1 PM Panels

Writing Good Book Reviews

Whether you are leaving a few sentences on Goodreads or Amazon, or run a regular book blogging site, good book reviews are an art in their own right.  This panel will explore insights and techniques for writing engaging and effective book reviews.


Alicia Justice

Scott Sandridge

Rachel Smith

Alexx Miller

[There better be booze here, too! And chocolate chip cookies….]


See y’all at Fandom Fest! (Psst! It’s this weekend down in Lousiville. Galt House.]

WordPress needs to fix their linky-linky thingamajig. 😦


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