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SpecMusicMuse Review: Monsters of Legend – Midnight Syndicate

mid_syn_mol_290x460_2013aSpooky music is one thing. Spooky music combined with equally scary sounds in the background is quite another. But a CD full of such music arranged in a manner that sounds like it could be the soundtrack to any Hammer horror film, and you have Monsters of Legend by Midnight Syndicate.

“Building the Monster” is an obvious tribute to Frankenstein. And other songs sound like they could be straight out of Dracula, among other films. By far the creepiest was “Cloistered Cemetery.” Every song creates the proper macabre atmosphere for its purpose, especially “Dark Tower.” And while “Ancient Portal” is all sound effects and no music, it fits right in as a bridge to the next song.

Midnight Syndicate has made a lot of excellent albums over the years, but this one is by far one of the best. Every fan of the old Horror films, or anyone who likes scary music, should add this CD to their collection.

Best to listen to while reading: any of the classics, like Dracula, Frankenstein, or Poe’s short stories.

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