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Three Pleasant Saturday Surprises

Had some pleasant surprises this weekend so far: two for me and one for you.

First off, I discovered that the Sci Phi Show is back! WOOT!

Secondly, the Raflecopter giveaway contest is going better than I had expected (and “better than expected” is always pleasant).

And last but not least, I got to be part of a Round Table interview over at Bad Girls, Good guys, and Two-Fisted Action, titled The Opening Salvo – Grabbing Readers from the First Sentence.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Rafflecopter Giveaway, March 19-24

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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3/19 Bitten By Books Author Interview and Amazon Gift Card Contest

Author Scott Sandridge Interview and Amazon Gift Card Contest 3/19 – RSVP at this link!

Be there! Or I’ll have Arnelda Verina sing off key until your ears explode.

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The SSP Spring Fling 99 cent ebook extravaganza starts TODAY!

Can’t beat a deal like that.

E. Chris Garrison


My publisher is having a series of 3 day 99 cent book sales from March 16th – April 10th. My own Four ’til Late (Road Ghosts #1) goes on sale March 31 – April 2nd.  Click the banner above to join the Facebook Event to get updates as different books go on sale!

Come one, come all to the SSP Spring Fling! Starting Sunday, March 16th, Seventh Star Press titles will be offered for $0.99! That’s right, folks, just ninety-nine little pennies for the best of the best! Not sure what you need? That’s okay! We have something for everyone!

With the kind assistance of BookBub, BookGorilla, and BookTastik we’re putting the word on the streets. So step right up and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Here’s what’s coming up for sale, so mark your calendars to hit Amazon and pick up all the books you want for a…

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SpecMusicMuse Review—Philistine by Steven Shrewsbury

PhilistineCoverSteven Shrewsbury breathes life into an iconic Biblical character in his new sword & sorcery novel, Philistine. Shrews paints Goliath as something more than the two dimensional villain as he’s portrayed by the Israelites. To the Philistines, he was their champion, their hero. And something more.

From Goliath’s Nephilum heritage to the macabre portrayal of the Mesopotamian magic systems and cults, it’s clear that Shrews has done his homework in his quest to show the giant as a product of his culture and time period. He bathes the ancient world in blood in ways that only a supernatural sociopath can, yet at the same time proves to have a soft side when it comes to children. While caught up in the political intrigue of kings, cultists, and magicians, he proves time and again that he’s more than just a big final-chamber-webstack of muscles as he outwits his foes as often as he caves in their skulls.

Despite Goliath’s crass brutality, I actually found myself wanting to like him. More antihero than hero, I cheered him on as he battled monstrous beasts and villains so vile they’d make Hannibal Lector seem like a harmless kitten in comparison. This was a Sword & Sorcery tale that would’ve made Robert E. Howard proud.

This is not a novel for weak stomachs, but if you’re a fan of sword & sorcery then this is one novel you’ll want to have clutched in your cold dead hands.

Best to read while listening to: Slayer, Helloween, Iron Maiden, the heavier the better.

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