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SpecMusicMuse – A Chimerical World Roundtable Interview, Part 4.1 (A Surprise Visit with Eric Garrison)

A strange thing happened to Eric on his way to the virtual table. It appears he had an encounter with Queen Mab, who on a whim decided to toss him into a time-flux portal. Alas, everyone else was already gone before he could make it back to the present era, and in a private discussion I think he may have mentioned being stuck in the Dark Ages, having to “play Merlin” for a few years….

Ah well, better late than never. 😉

But anywho, here’s the great Eric Garrison. Enjoy!


I’m Eric Garrison, author of “Seelie Goose”, which is set in between the first and second of my upcoming Tipsy Fairy Tales novels, and takes place in Bloomington, while the main character, Skye, is on loan in RJ Sullivan’s Virtual Blue.


Tell us a little about your story

“Seelie Goose” is from the point of view of Skye MacLeod’s diminutive spirit world companion, Minnie. She’s on her own for the first time, and is out to discover whether she’s truly one of the Fae, and becomes more involved in the lives of some goose-women than she intended.


What’s your favorite type of faerie?

At the moment, my favorite has got to be Trolls. I blame Red Tash for her novel, Troll or Derby, for infecting me with this trollish bug. This type of fae have invaded my second Tipsy Fairy Tales book, Restless Spirit.


Is music a part of your personal writing process, and if so what kind(s) of music do you listen to when your write?

Absolutely. I listen to a lot of classic Delta Blues, Classic Rock, Irish Punk, and lately, science fiction & fantasy movie soundtracks. I wrote a blog post on the topic:


Has a song ever inspired a story idea for you?

YES! Actually, a TV show episode inspired a song that inspired a novel. My favorite band, Five Year Mission, is doing an original rock song for each episode of the 1960s Star Trek series. The pilot, called The Cage, inspired a song that had the lyric, “She’s the only constant thing / in a million different dreams!” Which ignited an idea I had about bouncing to alternate realities with a Quantum Supercomputer – and Reality Check was born. I even listed the line and attribution to the band in the dedication of the book.


Last but not least: who’d win a fight between Princess Toadstool and Zelda?

Well, Zelda has magical and mad ninja powers, so realistically, she’s the obvious choice. But then again, Peach does pretty well for herself in Super Smash Bros, despite her subtler powers. In a straight-up fight, my money’s on Zelda, but in a long game, I’d bet on Peach for resourcefulness.



57d7e-final_talesoftheseeliecourt_650Where to find the books:

Amazon Links for Tales of the Seelie Court  
Print Version
Kindle Version  

Amazon Links for Tales of the Unseelie Court  
Print Version
Kindle Version

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