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SpecMusicMuse – Interview with Peter Welmerink

Welmerink Pic 2015The Peter Welmerink Virtual Tour starts now, with an interview with the Master of Military Zombie Horror, himself. Enjoy!



How did you come up with the idea for your Transport trilogy?

I’d been writing Fantasy material for quite a while, and wanted to do something in my second favorite genre/theme which is Military Action-Adventure.

I had also wanted to write a locally-based fictional adventure, change things up a bit by having the towns, cities, buildings-—and even people—-be different. Basically, an alternative future look and history. I wanted fighting men and women in it as the protagonists, and the world in which they were involved somewhat overall antagonistic.

I have not read a lot of alt-history and/or fictional adventures set in Michigan, and definitely not Military action-adventure…with zombies, so I created a not-so-far-flung-future Michigan, mainly West Michigan (where I grew up as kid and adult, and still love dearly) in which a great global caTRANSPORT minipromolamity had occurred (viral pandemic caused by the avian flu strain of 2013) and cast the region in turmoil and zombotic chaos.

I also have a love for all those big, armored military vehicles. The big ground vehicles, tracked and wheeled. I liked the look of the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier and AAV-7 Amphibious Assault Vehicle, and with inspiration by the fictional Warhammer 40K Crassus, my fictitious M213 Heavy Transport Vehicle was born. I made it a wheeled AND tracked vehicle because… don’t know… just because. LOL


What is Hunt for the Fallen about?

HuntFortheFallen_CoverCaptain Billet took a pretty serious wound across his forehead in Book One, so he isn’t feeling well this go-round, nor is he feeling up to dealing with anyone’s shit.

The Spring rains of 2026 have brought the Grand River several feet above flood stage, and those waters and the stormy weather has greatly affected the local zombie populace. Part of the enclosure collapses and five UCRAer’s go into the fast-moving, churning waterway. Billet and crew get sent out to “retrieve” them. They are joined by a TC (tank commander), Jeremy Pike, his crew and Abrams tank, The Devastator, who appear to have their sights on one of the big local zombies.

And Pike may have ideas of going AWOL with the tank, which Billet is bound and determined to not let happen, though the HURON only has a popgun of a new 25mm cannon while Pike’s rig sports a very lethal 120mm.

Lettner or anti-zomb loyalists, or Reganshire agents, appear to also be moving against the big city as communication lines are down, which Billet, crew and the mighty HURON will go up against.

All this AND a undead assassin is stalking Captain Jake Billet, “Hero of Grand Rapids.”TRANSPORT Book 1-3


What parts of the Zombie Apocalypse subgenre fascinate you?

I think mainly the versatility of what one can do in a apocalyptic setting, or in this case, my Post-POST zomb-pocalyptic setting.

As I have had the good fortune of discussing zombies and zombie apocalypse storylines with other very cool authors, it seems there is no end to what one can do in this ZOMBIE REALM. There are books about what it’s like to be infected and turning into a zombie, books about the zombie population becoming so large that they become the dominate… er… race? species?…on Earth. You have zombies by VooDoo, and Snow White zombies, and…

You get my point.

Plus, to me, it’s always about SURVIVAL. How do we survive in a world with the Undead amongst us?

The whole gist of the zombie-infested world I created was to go beyond the initial “apocalypse,” the initial event, and play with how we, the living, survive with THEM still in our midst. Actually more so how my military characters endured the rigors of dealing with both—the Living and the Unliving.


That is one cool APC in that book.

Thanks. It is actually a HTV, a Heavy Transport Vehicle, as mentioned above. I have a 1/18th scale mock-up of what I am calling a PROTOTYPE M213 HTV, as the actual HURON (and her four other sister vehicles: Lake Michigan, Superior, Erie and Ontario) is wider, larger, heavier than the rendition I’ve created.


Have you ever had a story idea inspired by a song you were listening to, and/or have you used music in the background while you write?

WALK by Foo Fighters inspired my SIGNAL IN THE DISTANCE short story (soon to be released via Peninsulam Publishing). The story is about a soldier from the Korean War, in an altered post-war America that has suffered nuclear devastation and everyone is living in underground bunkers, though they can venture out into the ruins to acquire things from their neighbors, etc. The main character, Capt. Rylan Jenkins, suffers from PTSD and guilt from losing his squad during the war and often has nightmares about his lost men calling to him from the Beyond. WALK is a great song about having lost one’s way and deciding to stand up and keep moving forward no matter what.

Unfortunately, a massive Cthulhu-esque creature rises out of the depths of Lake Michigan and threatens Ryss’s forward momentum… just a little. LOL

SHE BUILDS QUICK MACHINES By Velvet Revolver inspired me during some of the HURON’s driver, LCpl Loutonia Phelps, action scenes. Mainly during their confrontation with the giant mutated bull in TRANSPORT (Book One).

And Shinedown’s CYANIDE SWEET TOOTH SUICIDE: I listened to that several times as the sadistic and psycho Rebecca Regan (from the TRANSPORT Series) was created and written.

Um, so, to answer your question, YES.


Who are your favorite authors, and who are your favorite musicians?

HuntFortheFallen_1_smallIf we’re talking old school authors: Robert E Howard, Fritz Leiber, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Karl E Wagner.

If we’re talking newer school: Glenn Cook (Military Fantasy), David Drake (Military SciFi), Cherie Priest (Steampunk), Chuck Wendig (Urban Fantasy). Other currents I enjoy in the mid-to-small press forums: Steven Shrewsbury (Hardcore Epic Fantasy), our own Stephen Zimmer (Epic Fantasy), Russell Slater (Michigan-based Thriller/Alt History Intrigue), Tim Marquitz (like…everything), Aaron Rocheleau (YA SciFi), Jake Elliot (Epic Fantasy). Those are the ones I’ve read anyway within the last year.

Musicians: David Grohl, Chris Cornell, Glenn Danzig, Angus Young & the lads (their new album ROCKS!), Joe Walsh, and to mix it all up, a little Johnny Cash when the mood strikes.

Depending on my mood, I read and listen to many styles and subjects. Variety is the spice of life as they say.


What future literary endeavors are you planning?

I am hoping Steven Shrewsbury’s and my BEDLAM UNLEASHED, anReturn to Strange Home cvr epic fantasy Viking berserker novel, will come to fruition and back into readers’ hands. (Previously published, we know it is in much more capable hands with Seventh Star Press.)

There may be a TRANSPORT short story collection consisting of some pre-series Captain Billet, crew and HURON stories though SSP.

I am also working with another publisher (Peninsulam Publishing) on some further specific material, and a new TRANSPORT World mini-series featuring a new character: Joe Cross, Urban Salvage Engineer. He works in Reganshire, for Rebecca Regan and her old man. His main job is to go out and “salvage” goods and bring them back to Reganshire. He’s a good guy caught in a bad position, and his “salvage” operations usually land him in some sort of intense situation.



Peter Welmerink’s Hunt for the Fallen Virtual Tour



PeterWelmerinkAuthorPhoto_BWAbout the author: Peter Welmerink was born and raised on the west side of pre-apocalyptic Grand Rapids, Michigan. He writes Fantasy, Military SciFi, and other wanderings into action-adventure. His work has been published in ye olde wood pulp print and electronic-online publications. He is the co-author of the Viking berserker novel, BEDLAM UNLEASHED, written with Steven Shrewsbury. TRANSPORT is his first solo novel venture. He is married with a small barbarian tribe of three boys.

Find out more about his works and upcoming projects at:


HuntFortheFallen_CoverBook Synopsis for Hunt for the Fallen:

Captain Jacob Billet
Journal Entry – Sunday April 5, 2026

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the undead are roaring…

Amassed at the UCRA east end enclosure, the dead strain the fence line while soldiers keep watchful eyes, the survivors on the opposite side of the rising river about to lose their minds.

It’s a crazy time: nonstop precipitation; everyone’s up in arms; paranoid city council members with an asshat City Treasurer. Water, water everywhere. Zees dropping into the churning drink. Troops afraid of being stitched up and thrown back into the fray as Zombie Troopers. Tank commanders getting itchy to head out on their own after drug-laden shamblers. Reganshire insurgents trying to extract our west side civvies for some unknown reason, possibly pushing the city into taking heavy-handed action against them.

Then there’s some black-haired dead dude staring at me through the fence, grinning like he’s off his meds.

And I thought Lettner was a headache.

All this sh*t might give me a heart attack.

Hunt for the Fallen is Transport Book Two


Author Links:




Tour Schedule and Activities

9/21 A Work In Progress Interview
9/21 I Smell Sheep Guest Post
9/21 Beauty in Ruins Guest Post
9/21 shells interviews Guest Post
9/23 Book in the Bag Interview
9/23 Sheila Deeth Book Blog Guest Post
9/24 Bee’s Knees Reviews Review
9/25 WebbWeaver Reviews Guest Post
9/26 Vampires, Witches, & Me Oh My Top Tens List
9/26 fuonlyknew Review
9/27 Coffintree Hill Guest Post
9/27 Armand Rosamilia, Author Guest Post


eBook and Print Links for Hunt for the Fallen

Amazon Links for Hunt for the Fallen

Print Version

Kindle Version

Barnes and Noble Link:

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Supernatural Superposition: Worldbuilding in the “Real” World

ECGarrisonAuthorPhotoMy gracious host, Scott Sandridge, has requested that I talk about the worldbuilding I did when writing Blue Spirit: A Tipsy Fairy Tale. My first reaction was, “but the world was built for me already, I used Indianapolis as a base!” But when I thought about it awhile, I realized that the world of Blue Spirit is more than the modern time period and urban setting. My “urban fantasy” setting is different than, say, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, or Red Tash’s Trollogy.

Since we’re talking worldbuilding, we need to consider what makes my BlueSpirit_cover_1200X800world different. First of all, my main character Skye spans two worlds, and is aware of yet another world. Her “origin story” is as a side character, mostly comic relief, in Sinking Down, the second book in my Road Ghosts Trilogy. In that book, she’s possessed by a demon, and though she “got better”, the healing process left a bit of her soul on its own, separate but linked. Though the demon came from the Shadow world, the twilight realm between ours and the afterlife, Skye’s detached bit of soul has its own properties; it is a spirit being named Minnie, and it resides in what we’d call Faerie.

The Fairy world, like the Shadow world, is overlayed over our own, and meets it more directly in some places, but maps quite differently at times. In one place it might stretch out into a small pocket universe, while over there a single step could carry you great distances in our world. Because of her connection with Minnie, Skye sees into this other world, and often sees the true form of people and creatures that seem ordinary to everyone else.

2_Illustration_BlueSpiritBecause of the crossover with the Fairy realm, there are special, magical places in our world that are enhanced. For example, Holliday Park is a city park with a hilly wooded area riddled with trails, creeks and ponds, and also an enormous group of sculptures and columns made to look like a ruins. In Blue Spirit, these are more than they seem to be. The image of ruins is just a fairy glamour, which hides a wicked Queen’s castle and dungeon. Where several trails meet at a circle of stones is a portal to strange otherworldly places. Unseen by mortals, frogman guards patrol the trails for their Queen. 

People aren’t really part of worldbuilding, but creatures and entities impossible in the Indianapolis I live in populate Skye’s worlds. The city’s 1_Illustration_BlueSpiritbus system is ruled by the whimsical yet powerful Transit King, who grants magical favors in exchange for the promise of collecting favors in return at a later date. In his brewpub downtown, Greg Heath concocts alcoholic potions in the form of “special” beers which can enhance Skye’s powers. Homeless teens aren’t what they seem, having been enchanted into half-wolf beings, drafted into the Queen of the Hunt’s pack.

So, from a simple premise of worlds that intersect our own, Indianapolis is transformed from an everyday city into a more mysterious, magical place; fertile ground for Skye’s fantastic adventures to grow.

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Still Around

I know it’s been a loooooong time since I posted here, but I’m planning to rev things back up. For starters, a guest post by the great Chris Garrison will be coming up as well as an interview with Peter Wellmerink, author of the Transport trilogy.

I’m also thinking about doing some “Poor Man’s Guide” articles to things like writing, promotion, convention-going…playing MMO’s….<–brand new addiction right thar, so I might as well make it into something productive. lol!

In the meantime you can catch my Elements of Storytelling column over at the Seventh Star Press blog. Enjoy!

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What Happens When I Get Bored….

Genre Wars


Episode 1: The Literary Menace

The Lit Federation, manipulated by the evil Darth Mainstream, attacks the poor planet of Asimov.


Episode 2: Attack of the PORN.

To save themselves from the Mediocratists, The Sci-Fi Republic strikes the proverbial “deal with the devil” to unleash a massive wave of Porn clones onto the Holonet.


Episode 3: Revenge of the Mainstream

Through a series of manipulations, the evil Darth Mainstream becomes Emperor, and many Genre writers become broke and destitute thanks to a traitor in their midst.


Episode 4: A New Subgenre

As Emperor Mainstream brings his nefarious plans to fruition by building the dreaded Joykiller, a spark of hope arrives in a young Genre writer named Lon Spacewriter when he joins R.A.M (Rebels Against Mediocrity).


Episode 5: Literary Mainstream Fights Back

The Mainstream Empire strikes back against R.A.M., and nearly destroys the sense of wonder in fiction for all time. Lon Spacewriter escapes their clutches via the help of Self-Publishing.


Episode 6: Return of the Space Opera

In a desperate countermove, the surviving rebels unleash Star Wars and Serenity onto the Galactic Holoscreen, igniting a frenzied hunger for all things Space Opera. Emperor Mainstream is destroyed by his own right hand man, who reveals himself to be the nerdy father of Lon Spacewriter, the long-believed-dead H. G. Wells.

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SpecMusicMuse—Review of The Bone Sword by Walter Rhein

Walter Rhein’s The Bone Sword mixes the grittiness of sword & sorcery with the miraculous wonder common in heroic fantasy, and he does so in a smooth way. While the main protagonist is clearly a good guy, he’s still rough around the edges and willing to do what it takes to win, both in sword fighting and in strategy.

Jasmine, however, ends up stealing the show and actually is the character whose shoulders the fate of an entire kingdom resides on. Her character growth, more than any other character’s, was what kept me reading. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the same about her brother, Noah. He felt more “tacked on,” and I had a difficult time feeling any sympathy for him, even during the torture scene. I felt he needed a little bit more personality to him.

The villains, with the exception of one, were primarily archetypes; however, I still found them interesting. I’ve never had problems with authors using archetypes, especially when said archetypes work within the context of the story being told. And Rhein uses the archetypes well in his attempt to display the problems inherent in a feudalistic civilization, where a small handful of people often have far too much power over the rest.

Overall, The Bone Sword is a fun, compelling read with just the right kind of pace for such a tale.


Best to read while listening to: the soundtrack to Excalibur along with a few instrumentals by Epica.

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SpecMusicMuse—Review of Altered States: A Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Anthology, Edited by Roy C. Booth and Jorge Salgado-Reyes

Altered States is a cyberpunk anthology whose stories broaden the horizon of what is usually thought of as subgenre with tight borders. The fifteen stories inside range from the well-defined tropes, to the experimental, to everything in between. Nine are reprints, and six are original to this anthology. My particular favorites were:

“Living in the Singularity” by Tom Borthwick: the plot twist was somewhat expected but fit the story well.

“Ex Machina” by Cynthia Ward: combines hacking with psychology and explores the concept of collective consciousness. I didn’t expect this plot twist at all, and it made for a great ending.

“Extra Credit” by Paul Levinson: combines cyberpunk with parallel worlds. As always, Levinson weaves a great tale from start to finish.

“Attention Whore” by Kerry G.S. Lipp: the most interesting story in the antho. I found it to be just as relatable to modern day as it is to a near-future cyberpunk setting…and the story gave me chills.

Altered States is a great anthology to add to your collection whether you prefer cyberpunk specifically or science fiction in general. I highly recommend it.

Best to read while listening to: the soundtracks to Blade Runner and Johnny Mnemonic. Also throw some Atari Teenage Riot into the mix.


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Pankea, Anthologies, and Indy Reads: the Mix that Created “Freezy the Snow Demon”

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEPankea is a world decades in the making, and parts of it still evolve and expand to this day. The world began back when I was thirteen. Back then it was just Quaz City plus a few surrounding cities and towns in a nation called the Land of Quaz, and the cast of characters began, like most such worlds, with the usual archetypes. But in time the world expanded and began to take on a life and personality all its own: its own history, its own cultures, its own unique monsters (such as the vintervolgs, gorlaks, and the Bloodstone Skeletons). And even the “stock” races evolved over time. The magic system had to get retconned once I introduced the Barrier, the Mystic Field, and the possibility of spells going awry or “backlashing.”

At around the age of 15, I had this bright idea that maybe, just maybe, I could write short stories and novels set within that world, and perhaps actually sell them. By 25 I gave up on that notion and started creating other worlds to write in, often developing such worlds at the spur of the moment. While I like all my stories, the worlds that were not Pankea never felt as familiar, as intimate, as my first fantasy world. For one, none of those worlds had a poster-sized map of themselves hanging on my wall (which a cat, who shall remain nameless, later tore down and pissed on, so I had to throw it away). Ironically, my first published short story, “Treecutter,” was set in Pankea at a time before the Great Catastophe forced the Archaians, Hamadans, Vangaardians, and the other non-natives to migrate to the continent-sized island. Later published stories were all set in the current Pankea timeline (around the 1014th year since the birth of Arcus Dragonslayer, or “A.D.”).

When the idea for the Gifts of the Magi anthology was brought to my attention, I was excited. An anthology themed around series? WOOT! And a charity anthology at that? Double WOOT! But the majority of the writers were writing stories based on their novel series, and I’ve yet to have a novel published. Would the editors be okay with a story set in the same world as my other separate but related short stories?

The answer was yes.

So now all I had to do was come up with a Christmas-themed story in a world with no Christmas. But Pankea does have a Winter Solstice celebration. Indeed, Pankea has a lot of holidays, especially in Quaz.

I woke up one morning with the idea of an evil, demon-possessed snowman rampaging through the streets. But the streets of what city? And who would the protagonists be? Eventually I decided the location would be in Raka, the “capital” (and only dwelling) in Wizardreach—a semi-autonomous outpost under the protection of the Land of Quaz, much like Necro and Elvawood Manor. In this way I could provide cameo appearances of three characters who often get mentioned but have never yet appeared in my short stories and trilogy-in-progress: Chancellor Rakeem, Archwizard and Lord of Wizardreach; High Enchantress Larana, Lady of Wizardreach; and General Thalas son of Thorus, Descendent of Arcus (whose great grandfather was the protagonist in my story “Shilak’s Gift”).

Naturally, the protags would be Arnelda Verina and Roland Fornebank, who have an established history with the above characters back when they all adventured together. Also, any story with those two in it is guaranteed to end up with hilarious hijinks and general fun-filled chaos. And I wanted this story to be fun.

That is how “Freezy the Snow Demon” developed for the anthology, Gifts of the Magi, to benefit Indy Reads, making this the first story I’ve written for a charity benefit to a worthy cause. I hope you enjoy my story and all the other awesome stories in it.

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SpecMusicMuse—Review of Sci-Phi Journal #1

SciPhi1Fans of Jason Rennie’s podcast, The Sci-Phi Show, already know what to expect from the launch of his periodical magazine, Sci-Phi Journal. I’ve always been intrigued by the philosophical, and sometimes even theological, themes found within science fiction and fantasy. Indeed it’s hard to think of a sci-fi book or film that doesn’t have such themes, whether subtle or obvious. So the idea of a magazine centered on the exploration of such themes is one of the best ideas ever.

And the first issue delivers in an outstanding way. Comprised of four short stories (one from Jane Lebak), and a novelette by John C. Wright, you will also find five great articles, like David Kyle Johnson’s “In Defense of The Matrix Saga: Appreciating the Sequels Through Philosophy.” All in all, Issue 1 is a great start to a great idea.

The editor in me, of course, wanted to take a red pen to the occasional typo, but I was surprised at how few typos there were for what is a one person operation. And I’m confident that as the magazine continues, the already good quality will continue to improve as Rennie gains more experience as an editor and publisher.

Best to read while listening to: the soundtrack to The Matrix trilogy, the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, the soundtrack to Bladerunner…and is there a Star Trek soundtrack? If so, include that, too.

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SpecMusicMuse Review—Sela by Jackie Gamber

9781937929893-Perfect-cover.inddBack in the days when I had my A Work in Progress podcast going, I reviewed theGamberBookOne_RedheartCover first book in Jackie Gamber’s Leland Dragons Series: Redheart. This was back when the book had been published by Meadowhawk Press, years before it got re-issued by Seventh Star Press. As far as the first book goes, I still stand by what I said back then: it was one of the best dragon books I ever read.

In the second book in the series, Sela, the two characters I loved so much from the first, Kallon Redheart and Riza, take more of a back seat this time around. For this story focuses on their offspring, Sela. Being the daughter of a dragon and a human who got magically transformed into a dragon, Sela is a unique young lady, and with a special power not found among dragons or humans. While primarily a “coming of age” quest type of story, there is also much of the political intrigue going on that made the first book so good, as well as the return of an old enemy along with a couple new enemies added in, as characters from the first book make a reappearance and new characters get introduced.

I also liked the ode to The Bachelor, only done medieval style and with darker,9781937929404_Perfect_Cover.indd political, intentions. The characterization is excellent, especially for a novel featuring so many characters. And Gamber can handle action scenes like a maestro, especially the dragon-on-dragon fights.

Overall, if you like epic fantasy, dragons, and fairy-tale style quests, then Sela is a book worth reading. In fact, get the whole trilogy while you’re at it.

Best to read while listening to: Lord of the Rings soundtrack, Dragonheart soundtrack, and anything from Epica, Within Temptation, or Nightwish.

An if you like to know what I thought about H. David Blalock’s Angelkiller back when I had reviewed it when it first came out, go here.


Special Trilogy Virtual Tour
Jackie Gamber and H. David Blalock
Featured Books:
Jackie Gamber’s Leland Dragon Series
H. David Blalock’s Angelkiller Triad


JackieGamberBWAbout Jackie Gamber: As an award winning author, Jackie writes stories ranging from ultra-short to novel-length, varieties of which have appeared in anthologies such as Tales of Fantasy and Dragons Composed, as well as numerous periodical publications, including Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, The Binnacle, Mindflights Magazine, Necrotic Tissue, and Shroud. She is the author of the fantasy novel Redheart and Sela, and writing an alternate history time travel novel. She blogs professionally for English Tea, where she reviews classic science fiction and fantasy novels and pairs them with the ideal tea-sipping companion.

Jackie is a member of the professional organizations Science Fiction Writers of America and Horror Writers Association. She was named honorable mention in L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Award, and received a 2008 Darrell Award for best short story by a Mid-South author. She is the winner of the 2009 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award for Imaginative Fiction for her story The Freak Museum, a post-apocalyptic tale that looks closely at perceptions and outward appearances and how they affect the way we see ourselves. Jackie Gamber was co-founder and Executive Editor of Meadowhawk Press, a speculative fiction publisher based in Memphis. One of their novels, Terminal Mind by David Walton, won the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award in 2009. Jackie also edited the award winning benefit anthology, Touched By Wonder. She has been a guest lecturer at Memphis Options High Schools, and is a speaker at writers’ conferences from Michigan to Florida. Jackie is also the visionary behind the MidSouthCon Writers’ Conference, helping writers connect since 2008.


GamberBookOne_RedheartCoverJackie Gamber’s Redheart Book Synopsis: Enter the lands of Leland Province, where dragon and human societies have long dwelled side by side. Superstitions rise sharply, as a severe drought strips the land of its bounty, providing fertile ground for the darker ambitions of Fordon Blackclaw, Dragon Council Leader, who seeks to subdue humans or wipe them off the face of the land.
As the shadow of danger creeps across Leland Province, a young dragon named Kallon Redheart, who has turned his back on dragons and humans alike, comes into an unexpected friendship. Riza Diantus is a young woman whose dreams can no longer be contained by the narrow confines of her village, and when she finds herself in peril, Kallon is the only one with the power to save her. Yet to do so means he must confront his past, and embrace a future he stopped believing in.
A tale of friendship, courage, and ultimate destiny, Redheart invites readers to a wondrous journey through the Leland Dragon Series.


HDavidBlalockBWAbout H. David Blalock: Born in San Antonio, Texas, David spent the majority of his formative years in Jacksonville, Florida. At the age of 16, his family moved to the Panama Canal Zone where David finished school and entered employment with the Department of Defense as a Powerhouse Electrician.
Hiring into the FAA, he returned with his wife and two daughters to the States and settled briefly in Gulfport, MS. A few years later, he moved to Memphis, TN, as an Air Traffic Controller for the Memphis ARTCC. There he remained until his retirement.
David’s writing has appeared in numerous anthologies, magazines, webzines, and writer’s sites. His work continues to appear on a regular basis through multiple publishing houses.


BlalockBookOne_AngelkillerCoverH, David Blalock’s Angelkiller Book Synopsis: Why do bad things happen to good people? Simple. In the ancient war between the Angels of Light and Darkness, the Dark won. Now it is the job of an undercover force simply known as The Army to rectify that.

Using every tool available, The Army has worked to liberate our world from The Enemy for thousands of years, slowly and painfully lifting Mankind out of the dark. On the front of the great Conflict are the Angelkillers, veterans of the fight with centuries of experience.

Jonah Mason is an Angelkiller, and his cell is targeted as part of plot to unseat a very powerful Minion of The Enemy. Mason and his troop are drawn into a battle that stretches from real-time to virtual reality and back. The Conflict is about to expand into cyberspace, and if Mason is unable to stop it, The Enemy will have gained dominion over yet another realm

Author Links:
Jackie Gamber
Twitter: @jackiegamber

H. David Blalock
Twitter: @Hdavidblalock

Tour Schedule and Activities
9/8 SpecMusicMuse Review
9/8 The Rage Circus Vs. The Soulless Void Multi-Blogger Interview Part 1
9/8 Horror Tree Guest Post (Blalock)
9/8 Elizabeth Delana Rosa ~Book Lover & Creator of Worlds~ Guest Post (Gamber)
9/9 Jorie Loves a Story Guest Post (About Gamber)
9/9 I Smell Sheep Interactive Thread with Jackie and Dave
9/9 Armand Rosamilia, Horror Author Guest Post (Blalock)
9/10 The Southern Belle from Hell Art of the Angelkiller Triad (Blalock)
9/10 Bee’s Knees Review Guest Post (Gamber)
9/10 Blog of Sheila Deeth Guest Post (Gamber)
9/10 The Official Writing Blog of Deedee Davies Multi-Blogger Interview Part 2
9/10 Seers, Seraphs, Immortals & More Jackie Gamber Interviews H. David Blalock
9/11 Seers, Seraphs, Immortals & More H. David Blalock Interviews Jackie Gamber
9/11 Workaday Reads Guest Post (Gamber)
9/12 Vampires, Witches, & Me, Oh My! Guest Post (Gamber)
9/12 Trip Through My Mind Multi-Blogger Interview Part 3
9/12 Beauty In Ruins Guest Post (Blalock)
9/13 Jess Resides Here Review
9/14 Willow’s Author Love Guest Post (Blalock)
9/14 Fantastical Musings Multi-Blogger Interview Part 4
9/14 Jorie Loves a Story Guest Post (Gamber)

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Amazon Links for Redheart, the First Book of Jackie Gamber’s Leland Dragon Series:
Kindle Version:
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Amazon Links for Angelkiller, the First Book of H. David Blalock’s Angelkiller Triad:
Kindle Version:
Print Version:

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