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Fear and Trembling Update: “Abaddon, Dark Angel of the Abyss”

“Abaddon, Dark Angel of the Abyss”
by Ada Milenkovic Brown


His clothing shredded from him as his skin pushed outward and hardened into green and olive mottled chiton. Below the chiton of his abdomen, his legs were fusing together, blood, muscles, cartilage, bone, interweaving and dissolving. His screams were now a chittering. He felt no tongue, for his mouth seemed to have parted into something hard which clicked against itself.

He stared at the others. They had fanglike insect manibles below human cheeks and eyes. Their hair flailed above their heads, gorgon like, a diabolical halo. Human locusts, they hovered above the rocks, even the ones that had writhed on the ground now rising into the air. Their legs were gone, replaced by a segmented tail, a cream-colored maggot that curled in and whipped out, ending in a claw-like barb that dripped a fluorescent green fluid.

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