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Dragon*Con a No-Go :(

Due to learning yesterday that the house we’re renting is in foreclosure and is being auctioned by the state, without our landlord letting us know, I won’t be able to attend Dragon*Con. All the money I saved up will have to go into finding a new place to live. 😦

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Writerly Update 6-5-09

Three more stories sent out into Submission Limbo and one 1-day rejection.

I only have one Silverblade Prophecy episode left to finish (Yay!). Then I can focus on getting enough paying work done to afford the trip to Dragon*Con as well as have a little for Context.

Also, the first episode of Tom Crean: Sailor on Ice went live on May 18. Yours Truly did a few background vocals on it. 😉

Hmmm, looks like I have a portfolio of voice acting clips now….

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