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Editor Interview w/ Yours Truly @ Library of Erana

Editor Interview Number Eight – Scott Sandridge.

I went to the Library of Erana to pass on my editor knowledge, in my own zany manner. 😉


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Anthos Update

Getting a flood of animal companion stories as the deadline for Hero’s Best Friend draws near–as I had expected. 😉

Which means both anthos are at the stage where it sucks being an editor: having to pick which good stories to put in and which good stories to leave out. Editing anthos is different from editing a periodical zine. After all, I can’t just accept a story and put it in a later issue.

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Voting Time!

Yep, the P&E Readers Poll is open again, so it’s time to nominate and vote for your favorite artists, writers, and stories. I have two stories that are nominatable for the year if you choose to do so (hint, hint): “Transhuman” which appeared in Chimeraworld #6 (New World Disorder) and “A Nighttime Business Arrangement” which appeared in Issue 4 of Silver Blade. Both are Science Fiction/Fantasy (psst… here’s the linky-link for that category: 😉

Speaking of Chimeraworld #6, guess what’s already been nominated for the anthology category.

Oh, and don’t forget Fear & Trembling.

You all know what to do troopers! Huzzah!

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