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Dark Heroes

Dark Heroes
Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
Cover Price $15.99

“Dark Heroes… supernatural creatures battling evil to benefit mankind. Included  in this collection are fifteen short stories featuring creatures turned good. In  times of trouble, know there is something watching over you. Featuring the  following: The Twelfth Monster of Chaos by J. Leigh Bailey, Just Waiting for the  Sun to Set by Phil Wolters, Cat Got Your Tongue? by Gary Buettner, Nothing  Personal by Scott M. Sandridge, It’s Medicine; Not Magic by Jennifer L. Barnes,  Monster Hunter by Mel Obedoza, The Ease of Evil by Aaron Renfrow, La Bête by  Anita Siraki, Azieran: The Crypt of Shaddis’zzam by Christopher Heath, Their  Last Escape by Alexis Hunter, The Widow and the  Scythes by Chloe Stowe, Solstice  by Darin Kennedy, Eaters of Meat and Hunters by J.M. Martin, Ordinary Folk by  Kat Heckenbach & The Dream Eaters by Tony Wilson”

“Nothing Personal”  is set in Pankea and the main character is a certain psychic werecat introduced in The Silverblade Prophecy who becomes a key figure in the upcoming Emperor of Vangaard.

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Emperor of Vangaard Casting Call

I need about a dozen VAs to do about three or four minor characters each, both male VAs and female VAs. The characters include amazons, soldiers, army commanders, and politicians to name a few. Each character has about one to four lines, with the possible exception of one or two of the characters. To audition, send an MP3 of the below lines, using a different voice for each (doesn’t have to be too different, after all Audacity can work wonders) to scottmsandridge AT gmail DOT com:

“Reform the line! Hold them back!”

“We must get the children to safety!”

“What did you just say?”

Include a few battle cries, grunts, screams, and deaths.

Alas, it’s non-paying, but you’ll get to be in a project that includes Phillippa Ballantine among other possible special guest stars. The deadline for the audition is September 30. After September 30 I will try to match you with the characters your voice best fits. The odds of getting in is good considering the amount of characters I need voiced (and possible VA background voices for several large battle scenes as well).

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Writerly Update 3/2/10

The first draft of the novel is finally finished!

I thought that blasted thing was never going to get done.

Also, if you’re attending MARcon this May 28-30 at Columbus, Ohio, then don’t forget to sign up for some workshops–specifically a workshop on dialogue that is being taught by Yours Truly. 😉

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Writerly Update 11/20/09

Since my day job cut me down to two days a week, I decided to turn the crappy situation into an opportunity to get more writing done and more submissions out. I’m currently at 31,000 words on Emperor of Vangaard, and 1500 words on a nonfiction article. In the past two days, I’ve sent out two queries and seven submissions.

I’ve also recently came up with ideas for about fifteen or so articles to write.

What can I say? I’m getting sick of dealing with crappy day jobs again. >(

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Writerly Update 3-21-09

So far, I’ve sent out 3 submissions and received 2 rejections. I also managed to get a 6000 word short story written and the first 60 pages done on Emperor of Vangaard – Book II of The Messiahs War Trilogy. 🙂 Normally, I’d be cranking the submissions and words out, but the podcast novel has kept me pretty busy. Speaking of which:

The current list of special guest appearances in upcoming episodes of The Silverblade Prophecy are:

Eugie Foster
Jen and Dave Avila
and Philippa Ballantine

I also did a little voice acting. I play an alien ambassador in an upcoming episode of H.M.S Lydia (episode 4, to be exact). 😉

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