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Egyptian Revolution 2011

From Tunisia to Egypt and the rest of the middle East, revolutions are occuring. February 4th marked the first day Egyptians were finally allowed to protest without having to fight off Mubarak’s brutal and despicable goon squad. The below video made by “eyeinside” gives tribute to the brave Egyptian protestors and shows a small example of what they had to endure. And, believe me, on at least one day they had to endure far worse than what you see below.

The sooner that bastard, Mubarak, steps down the better.

My heart also goes out to the brave journalists in the field, especially al-Jazeera, and for the independent bloggers, etc., al, for refusing to back down to the brutal regime so that the world could know what was going on.

And thank you, Anonymous, for all your help in getting the information out onto the Web even during a total Internet blackout in Egypt.

To the governments of the world who still think that you can censor the Internet and thus protect your crimes from coming to light:

We are the People,
And we, the People, are Anonymous,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.

The totalitarians have finally met their match.

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They Can Take ACTA And Shove It!

The title says it all. Read what’s in the link and weep. Then get off your asses and do something about it.

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Anonymous – Press Release – 12/16/2010

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Want to Take Part in Operation Leakspin?

Here’s how:

Do your part to expose government and corporate corruption! Fight for Internet freedom!

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