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SpecMusicMuse Review—I, the Sun by Janet Morris

51MeX4Lp+BLI, the Sun is the story about the life of the Hittite, Tamissari, known in history as King Supiluliumas. A historical fantasy with emphasis on the historical, don’t expect high adventure and flashy magic. The magic is so subtle that it can be mistaken as coincidence…most of the time.

Morris portrays Supiluliumas in a realistic manner, flaws and all. Considering the type of person he was, even when considering him a product of his time and culture, only Morris’s masterful characterization skills make him at all sympathetic. In any other fantasy genre, he most likely would’ve been the villain, albeit a slightly more noble one…most of the time.

The narration is done in first-person POV, and Morris does a good job at taking the archaic mannerisms of the time and modernizing it enough to make it readable. One of the downsides to the first-person narration is there’s a lot more telling than showing, almost as if a diary is being written instead of a story, only without date and time. A lot of stuff which would’ve made for some epic scenes tend to get told in passing, as Morris concentrates more on the political intrigues and romantic dramas. I, for one, would’ve liked to have seen actual scenes involving the amazon.

As good as the story is, it would’ve worked better had it been a trilogy instead of a single book. Overall it’s a worthy read despite its flaws. Some readers will love the story, others not as much.


Best to read while listening to: the soundtracks to Gladiator and 300.

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