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SpecMusicMuse—Review of Sci-Phi Journal #1

SciPhi1Fans of Jason Rennie’s podcast, The Sci-Phi Show, already know what to expect from the launch of his periodical magazine, Sci-Phi Journal. I’ve always been intrigued by the philosophical, and sometimes even theological, themes found within science fiction and fantasy. Indeed it’s hard to think of a sci-fi book or film that doesn’t have such themes, whether subtle or obvious. So the idea of a magazine centered on the exploration of such themes is one of the best ideas ever.

And the first issue delivers in an outstanding way. Comprised of four short stories (one from Jane Lebak), and a novelette by John C. Wright, you will also find five great articles, like David Kyle Johnson’s “In Defense of The Matrix Saga: Appreciating the Sequels Through Philosophy.” All in all, Issue 1 is a great start to a great idea.

The editor in me, of course, wanted to take a red pen to the occasional typo, but I was surprised at how few typos there were for what is a one person operation. And I’m confident that as the magazine continues, the already good quality will continue to improve as Rennie gains more experience as an editor and publisher.

Best to read while listening to: the soundtrack to The Matrix trilogy, the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, the soundtrack to Bladerunner…and is there a Star Trek soundtrack? If so, include that, too.

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P&E Readers Poll Finally Up

After several days of being down, the Critters website is back up, and the P&E Readers Poll has been extended until the 26th. So get your votes in!

Oh, um, *cough cough*:

“The God King” is up for Best Short Story – Science Fiction & Fantasy

And for Best Anthology, a few Pill Hill Press anthologies are up for a vote including Dark Things II and Dark Things V, each of which features a story of, well, mine. 😉

*pssst!* Vote for Kat Heckenbach’s “Firewall” for Best Horror Short Story.*pssst!*

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Voting Time!

Yep, the P&E Readers Poll is open again, so it’s time to nominate and vote for your favorite artists, writers, and stories. I have two stories that are nominatable for the year if you choose to do so (hint, hint): “Transhuman” which appeared in Chimeraworld #6 (New World Disorder) and “A Nighttime Business Arrangement” which appeared in Issue 4 of Silver Blade. Both are Science Fiction/Fantasy (psst… here’s the linky-link for that category: 😉

Speaking of Chimeraworld #6, guess what’s already been nominated for the anthology category.

Oh, and don’t forget Fear & Trembling.

You all know what to do troopers! Huzzah!

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Fear and Trembling Update: “An Evening’s Walk”

“An Evening’s Walk”
by Wesley Lambert


Sometimes a walk in the woods leads us around bends we never expected.

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Fear and Trembling Update: “Night Light”

“Night Light”
by Gerald Browning, Jr.


Bobby is a little boy who wants to know what evil is. Unfortunately for his mother, he found out.

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