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SpecMusicMuse Review: Veins Soundtrack

Not only does Lawrence C. Connolly prove he’s a great writer, but the soundtrack to Veins also proves he’s a capable creator of music as well. Every song on the soundtrack provides the perfect atmosphere for the story. It is mostly all instrumental (“Aberrations” and “Echoes” have spoken word lyrics with the songs) and merges various genres and styles to provide the right sound for the right scene. It is definitely worth picking up along with the book.

Best to listen to while reading: Veins of course. Duh. But other than that, any dark fantasy story that takes place outside of an urban environment.

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SpecMusicMuse Review: Veins – Lawrence C. Connolly

Veins combines thievery and organized crime with American Indian shamanism and throws out a dark twist. Axle, a brilliant greasemonkey with a spiritual destiny, gets caught up in a criminal plot while trying to save his auto shop. The plan doesn’t come off perfectly and things rapidly take a turn for the worst.

Connolly makes all the characters believable and manages character depth without bogging down the action and pacing. Like many writers (both beginners and pros) he has a bad habit of using speaker attributions like a crutch. The dialogue of his characters, I felt, was unique enough to where most, if not all, of the speaker attributions weren’t needed. But that very minor flaw did not detract from my enjoyment of the story. And only extremely picky readers like me will even notice such flaws anyhow.

But when it comes to plot, characterization, pacing, and all the other things that make a story great, Connolly handles his tale like the masterful pro that he is. Overall, Veins is a highly recommended read.

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