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Vipers – Lawrence C. Connolly

VIPERS CoverVipers is the sequel to Veins, that other awesome crime drama/horror that starts with the letter V. And something tells me a third book is likely in the works where the title is a single word that starts with the letter, V, too. Time will tell.

 As for this particular vindicating piece of vivacious dark valiance involving the characters we’ve grown to love (and love to hate) in the previous book, all I can say is bravo! Very good!

 Connolly keeps the pace going from beginning to end. Although there are some moments where the pace slows, it’s not to the point where you want to put the book down. Far from it. You just want to read more.

 And the best part about the story is there’s snakes. Lots and lots of snakes. Which probably explains why the book is called Vipers….

 Overall the story is great, with good dialogue, cool characters, and a plot that keeps you breathlessly anticipating what will happen next. I’m looking forward to the next installment of the Veins Cycle.

Best to Read while listening to: the Veins soundtrack. Duh.

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