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Now That There Are Nominations….

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“Sleep Paralysis” – Horror
“The Philosopher in the Dark” – Science Fiction and Fantasy
Fear and Trembling – Fiction Magazine/E-Zine

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P&E Readers Poll

It’s that time of year again, and to help out my awesome fans (all two of them), here’s the list of available categories and stories to help you decide what to nominate and/or vote for. So head on over to the P&E Readers Poll and vote. 🙂

Short Story – Horror:

“Sleep Paralysis” – Everyday Fiction –

Short Story – Science Fiction and Fantasy:

“The Philosopher in the Dark” – Everyday Fiction –

“Demons Without, Demon Within” – Mindflights –

Fiction Magazine/E-Zine:

Fear and Trembling –

Magazine/E-Zine Editor:

Scott M. Sandridge & Keanan Brand –

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