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SpecMusicMuse—Review of Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls by J. H. Glaze

lovedollcoverFrom the very moment I read the title I knew I was in for something weird and campy. But would I love it or hate it?

Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls is like your typical zombie apocalypse story except the “zombies” are blow-up dolls, dildos, and other sex toys that are brought to life by an experimental chemical weapon designed by the military. Sheriff Wilson must marshal the townsfolk against the onslaught all while trying to protect his daughter, Lana, and her boyfriend.

The story runs like your usual story about survival during a zombie apocalypse. And in that, there is not much in the way of surprises. Let me be clear, there are scenes that happen in sudden and unexpected ways, but they remain the kind of tropes you would expect in the subgenre. However, Glaze takes the oddball concept of the story and runs with it, leaving puns and scenes that will make you laugh your ass off. And, well, the victims exploding from the black gooey substance being projected out of the dolls and sex toys is both gory and…..a brilliant running pun.

I found myself loving the story, even if I was sometimes cheering on the dolls. While not a masterpiece, it is still a fun and entertaining story that will appeal to any reader who has a morbid and perverted sense of humor. Or any sense of humor.

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Writerly Update 4/20/14

Been a while since I’ve done a simple basic update.

Almost finished with a new short story, one involving Arnelda and Roland…and an alcoholic hillbilly troll. (don’t ask).

Marcon will be on May 9-11 here at Columbus, OH. I’ll be there for a few panels, even moderating one. And this is my official schedule:

FRI4:00PMUnion CLiterary-WritersI`m Making This Up as I Go Along
FRI8:30PMUnion CLiterary-Writers*m* Character Torture 2.0
FRI10:00PMUnion CJust For FunSci-Fi vs. Fantasy Character Battles 
SAT8:30PMUnion CLiterary-WritersWhere Should You Publish Your Work?
SAT10:00PMUnion CLiterary-WritersPublishing Mishaps
SAT11:30PMUnion CLate NightSex vs. Violence
SUN10:00AMRegency BallroomAutographsSunday 10:00 am Autographs

I recently got interviewed over at Heroic Fantasy .com. Here be linky link, arr!:

Also, coming up for SpecMusicMuse: I’m currently reviewing two books written by Janet Morris (who wrote for the Thieves World series). WOOT! And a couple other possible reviews and interviews in the works as well.

Also, a blog tour for the A Chimerical World anthologies is coming up in may. If you like to take part in it, go sign up here:

That’s all for now! 🙂

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SpecMusicMuse Review: The Exodus Gate by Stephen Zimmer

Nephilim, a One World Government, events of apocalyptic proportions. Just another “Christian End Times” fiction, you say? Well, not exactly.

In The Exodus Gate, Stephen Zimmer begins a seven-book epic (and secular) saga that combines the myths of Judeao-Christian, Babylonian/Sumerian, and Assyrian apocalyptic texts with an added dash of his own epic dark fantasy twist (and possibly an esoteric sprinkle or two of gnosticism), and weaves a tale that rivals The Lord of the Rings in its scope and The Stand in its characterization depth.

Being the first in the Rising Dawn Saga, this book’s primary purpose is to set up the overall world and introduce the large cast of characters (with the main character being Benedict Darwin), each with their own agendas and sometimes even secrets (I, personally, am already rooting for Erishkegal, but that’s just me). But there is still plenty of well-paced action and plot to keep you reading. The main downside I had was the sheer size of the book. It’s only half the size of The Stand, and I wanted More! Dammit! More!

Some readers might be put off by the size of the book, and if you don’t know it’s basically a large chapter in a grand sweeping saga then you also might feel lost near the end. But the characters will grow on you, especially the An-Ki–Zimmer’s unique take on the werewolf myth–loyal and honorable servants of Adonai.

Overall, it’s a fine start to what promises to be an awesome saga that will keep you reading for days (in between a nap or two, of course).

And besides, Erishkegal is awesome!

Best read while listening to: Epica, Megadeth, Enya, pretty much anything epic or mythological in sound.

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Writerly Update 7/24/08

Two subs sent today. Look for “Sleep Paralysis” tomorrow at Everyday Fiction. Also, my review of Clarkesworld #22 is now up at The Fix.

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Writerly Update 5/29/08

One 2-month rejection, a 1-year-and-18-day rejection, and a 6-day rejection; plus the 1 acceptance at Anthology Builder. Also, two reviews are now up at The Fix: A review for Realms of Fantasy, August 2008, and Clarkesworld Magazine #20, May 2008.

Not a bad couple months, overall. 🙂

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