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SpecMusicMuse Review: Mind Game

Mind Game, by R.L. Copple, is a YA science fiction novel that combines space opera with virtual reality. Jeremy and Mickey get a virtual reality video game for Christmas. Little do they, and thousands of other children, know is that the VR is no game. Their minds get transported across the vastness of space and into virtual bodies, to fight a war for an imperialistic alien race. A rip-roaring space adventure ensues, filled with humor, heroism, and tragedy.

Copple maintains a fast pace, keeping the action going, and provides unexpected but logical plot twists throughout. Even the dialogue feels real for characters of such a young age, in contrast to how some YA novels can be. You will root for the heroes, boo the main villain, and even feel bad for the other villains. He also manages to tackle very adult topics in a manner that keeps it suitable for a YA novel. Overall, Copple delivers.

While there are definitely some moralistic themes to the story, the themes are where they should be: in the background. Primarily written for entertainment, the themes become an extra topping on the pizza.

If you enjoyed Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, then you will enjoy R.L. Copple’s Mind Game.

Best to read while listening to:  the soundtracks to Star Wars and Goonies comes to mind.

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Another Interview of Yours Truly

And, I might add, one of the best ones yet:

Meet Scott Sandridge-Author and One of Small Press’s Biggest Characters


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SpecMusicMuse Review: Diamond Star—Catherine Asaro

Diamond Star is Rock N’ Roll, SF style. Del Valdoria, heir of the Ruby Dynasty, the rulers of the interstellar Skolian Imperialate, is on Earth.

And he wants to be a holo-rock singer. Del has to deal with all the usual struggles of a rock star—sex and drugs, a horde of fans (some of which are insanely obsessive), a hot relationship with his sexy producer, Rikki, and a family that don’t understand his passions. And to top it all off, he’s followed by Earth’s military and still has to deal with the Skolian’s sadist enemies, the Eubian Concord.

Asaro packs a lot of story into this 600+ page novel and keeps your interest from page 1 to the end. She excels at characterization and ain’t too shabby with the dialogue and action, either. It did drag somewhat near the middle but not too much, for the occasional surprises kept me reading. Things are certainly not predictable in this story. Overall, it’s a great read and a worthwhile addition to her series of books about the Skolian Empire.

Also, Asaro giving a few plugs to some of my favorite bands in the novel was an added bonus.

Best to read while listening to: well, we’ll get to that next week. 😉

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Check Out Digital Dragon

Especially Issue 13. With featured fiction by Fred Warren, Melanie Ann Billings, Mike Lynch, Johne Cook, Sarah Ashwood….

And, of course, “The Final Line,” by Scott M. Sandridge. 😉

Also serials by Becky Minor and Grace Bridges.

So check it out.

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