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SpecMusicMuse Review: Elis—Griefshire

Sabine Dünser died shortly after laying the vocal tracks of this very album, which she called her “baby.” Griefshire is a concept album by Elis that tells the tragic story of two brothers on a spiritual quest that leads one of them to become a fanatic, its combination of Goth Metal sound and classical instruments enhances the emotional impact of the tale. Mostly in English, two of the songs are in German, and, alas, my German is too rusty to understand the entirety of those two songs except in terms of mood and feeling.

The best songs are “Show Me the Way,” “Brothers,” “Phoenix from the Ashes,” and “How Long,” but it is obviously an album that should be listened to in its entirety from beginning to end. Not only are the lyrics excellent, but the story as a whole as well, even if you can’t fully understand the two songs done in German lyrics.

Just one of many CDs that, when listened to, suggests a spiritual awakening is occurring in the realm of music and art not seen in a long time, especially in Metal. Perhaps the genre is maturing like many of its predecessors had, and this maturing spirituality is part of the natural artistic process? Or perhaps it’s just a “European” thing? Either way we in America can learn much from the music genres emerging overseas.

And so for this review, I will leave a couple lines of hope from their song, “Phoenix from the Ashes”:

“Now that I have found a way,
To salvation, I know I will be,
So much stronger than before,
Nothing will ever break me.”

Format: Audio CD
Release Date: Jan. 16, 2007
Label: Napalm
List Price: $16.98
UPC: 69372350272

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