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Aimee Allen: Censored by the CIA & Elektra Records for 5 Years

“Filling in for Alex who is covering Bilderberg 2008, Jason Bermas is joined by American pop/rock singer/songwriter Aimee Allen, who said that her album, I’d Start a Revolution If I Could Get Up In the Morning, was never released because the CIA told Elektra Records that they disapproved of the word “revolution”.

However, Allen’s single Revolution was released and became popular on MTV. It has also become the unofficial song of the Ron Paul Revolution movement.”

We Are Change confronts Brzezinski


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The Tri-Lateral Commission Fears Us

Fellow Patriots. The New World Order is trembling in their boots. We are making an impact.

This revolution is more than just about Ron Paul. It’s about all of us. It’s about our rights, our freedoms, and The Constitution of These United States of America. Whether you’re for Ron Paul or not never mattered. What matters now is that we come together under the ideals in his message, the same message the Founders, themselves, had. We Paulites can’t do it all on our own (although we’ll certainly make the attempt if we have to). We need the help and support of all our fellow Patriots, regardless of what “side” of the political “fence” you’re on. Because what matters to us is also what matters to you.

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