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SpecMusicMuse—Review of Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls by J. H. Glaze

lovedollcoverFrom the very moment I read the title I knew I was in for something weird and campy. But would I love it or hate it?

Night of the Living Inflatable Love Dolls is like your typical zombie apocalypse story except the “zombies” are blow-up dolls, dildos, and other sex toys that are brought to life by an experimental chemical weapon designed by the military. Sheriff Wilson must marshal the townsfolk against the onslaught all while trying to protect his daughter, Lana, and her boyfriend.

The story runs like your usual story about survival during a zombie apocalypse. And in that, there is not much in the way of surprises. Let me be clear, there are scenes that happen in sudden and unexpected ways, but they remain the kind of tropes you would expect in the subgenre. However, Glaze takes the oddball concept of the story and runs with it, leaving puns and scenes that will make you laugh your ass off. And, well, the victims exploding from the black gooey substance being projected out of the dolls and sex toys is both gory and…..a brilliant running pun.

I found myself loving the story, even if I was sometimes cheering on the dolls. While not a masterpiece, it is still a fun and entertaining story that will appeal to any reader who has a morbid and perverted sense of humor. Or any sense of humor.

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SpecMusicMuse – Interview with Armand Rosamilia

10403409_10204114432081167_310592458127484597_n33Dying Days 4 Print 2An interesting thing happened on my way to work today. I ran into a horde of zombies only to get rescued by a motorcycle-riding fella’ named Armand Rosamilia, wielding a shotgun in one hand and a pen in the other. And his pen proved deadlier than the shotgun. Go figure.

But since he saved me from becoming Zombie Chow, I figured the least I could do was interview him.

And now on to the interview!


Introduce yourself to the readers.

Hi. I’m Armand. (pause so you can say Hi back). I’m a full-time author. I have an unhealthy fascination with midgets. Actually, dwarves. I actually saw “House Party 2” in a movie theater. I write a lot, and I’m totally famous for my Dying Days series.


What’s Dying Days 4 about?

Nonfiction book about the proper way to make hot sausage. Sorry, wrong book. Dying Days 4 is the continuation of the series, but now the zombies are even smarter, more aware, and more pissed off. The few survivors are really screwed now.


Why do you think zombie fiction is so popular?

Many claim it’s because of the mirror on our society. It’s feeling out of control in our political and religious climate. I just think zombies are really cool, and so do a lot of other people.


If you could turn your story into a video game, how cool would that game be?

If it was even half as cool as my all-time favorite game, Doom, I’d be thrilled. Or twice as cool as Pong.


And what would a Dying Days film be like?

A cinematic lovefest. Too much? It would be a dream come true for me, and I’ve been blessed with seeing quite a few of my dreams come to fruition. Yeah, I dropped a fruition in this interview.


Seeing as you’re a fellow metalhead, do you bang your head while writing? And has a song ever inspired a story or scene for you?

I am a huge Metalhead. I also DJ two Metal shows each week, one on an actual FM radio station and one online. I get to play all the songs I grew up loving. Many, many songs have inspired my stories over the years. Just look at some of my book titles: Highway To Hell, Death Metal, Creeping Death, Oops I Did It Again


Last but not least: who do you think would win in a fight between Jay & Silent Bob and Bill & Ted if they were all turned into zombies?

I’m a Jersey guy. Knew Kevin and Jay growing up. My brother actually worked at the convenience store once Kevin went to Hollywood. Kevin got him the job. So definitely Bill & Ted.


Armand Rosamilia

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